Wearables Survey: Ready for a Wearable?

Which wearable is right for you?

Survey reveals there is a wearable for every budget

July 29, 2016: According to a recent Couponbox.com survey, finding the right wearable doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The survey looked at more than 50 wearable models, more than 20 wearable retailers and asked 2,000 Americans which wearable they are most interested in.

Approximately one out of seven (14 percent) respondents to the Couponbox.com survey reported already owning a wearable or smartwatch. 37 percent reported being interested in buying a Fitbit, the number one model by sales in the first quarter of 2016 with 4.8 million units shipped. The Fitbit was also the easiest wearable to find, available in 61.9 percent of retailers surveyed.

The most affordable wearable was Xiami’s Mi Band 2, priced at $45. The wearable with the most features for the price was the Samsung Gear Fit 2, priced at $179.95. In terms of app compatibility, the Fitbit tops the rankings with the Fitbit Blaze, priced at $199.95.

The best wearable retailer for price was Amazon.com, having the best price on 40 percent of the wearables surveyed. Best Buy was the best retailer in terms of number of wearables available, stocking more than 50 percent of models surveyed.

Use the infographic below to aid in your wearable search and get the best deals and discounts on tech products at Couponbox.com.

Find the best wearable for you and your wallet

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