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Costco is a large warehouse store known for selling products in bulk. You can buy clothing, pet products, toys, food, drinks, health care items and even furniture. Memberships are required to shop for the deals that Costco offers through member exclusive deals. There are often Costco coupon codes available to discount the prices even more.

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Expires on 05/25/2022

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Join today and get a Costco Shop Card: $20 for new Executive Members, $10 for new Gold Star Members

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How do I use a Costco coupon code to save money on my online purchase?

Costco coupon codes make it easy to discount the cost of certain products each month.

  • Log into your Costco Membership Account

  • Search for exclusive monthly discounts for Costco members on the website

  • Add products to your cart that are listed as being eligible for the monthly discounts

  • Check the cart to make sure that the Costco coupon codes applied before paying for the order

What do I do if a Costco coupon code doesn't work properly when I try to check out?

If a Costco coupon code doesn't apply when you try to check out, there are a few options available to try to ensure that you get the discounts that are available.

  • Check to make sure that the Costco promo code discount applies to the products that you are trying to buy. The promo codes are very specific and only apply to certain items. If you add a product that is similar, but not exact, you may not get the discount you are expecting to get.

  • Ensure you met the minimum required amount to qualify for the discount. Costco offers discounts when you purchase a certain amount of an item. For example, Costco often offers discounts on clothing when you purchase three or more off the items. Check the Costco coupon code discounts to make sure you have the number of items that are required to qualify for the discount in your cart.

  • Check the end dates for the discounts you are interested in getting. Costco promo codes are only valid for a specific amount of time. Check the end date to make sure your coupon hasn't expired.

Is there a section on the Costco website that promotes sale items?

Costco has a clearance section on the website that features items that are available for discounted prices. You also can look at their monthly sales ad to find out what items are currently on sale. On the main page, there are also all of the cyber deals listed for Costco to make it easy to find the items that are on sale.

Is it possible to get free shipping from online Costco orders?

Costco offers free shipping when you reach a certain threshold on online orders. Certain items, such as appliances, are shipped for free due to the high cost. Costco offers same-day shipping and two-day shipping for many products they sell.

Are there other ways to reduce the amount I spend at Costco other than using Costco promo codes?

Costco provides multiple saving options for the plethora of products available on the website.

Sign up for an Executive Costco Membership

When you sign up for a Costco membership, there are many options available. Sign up for an Executive membership to save as much money as possible. You are able to get 2% cashback for a majority of the purchases that you make. You also get access to exclusive executive member discounts which save money on top of the Costco promo codes that are available.

Check for Costco Rebate Offers

Costco also offers rebates on certain products. You simply send in information about the purchase and are able to get money back for the purchase.

Costco offers more than just Costco coupon codes to save money. Their optics department often offers a discount when you purchase more than one pair of glasses at a time.