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Save $40 in May 2024

Costco is a large warehouse store known for selling products in bulk. You can buy clothing, pet products, toys, food, drinks, health care items and even furniture. Memberships are required to shop for the deals that Costco offers through member exclusive deals. There are often Costco coupon codes available to discount the prices even more.

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Costco Coupon: Get a $20 Costco Shop Card



Join as a new Executive Member and enroll in auto renewal to receive a $40 Costco Shop Card. Or join as a new Gold Star Member and enroll in auto renewal to receive a $20 Costco Shop Card



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Valid indefinitely

Useful tips and information

Costco Coupon

How much can I save in the clearance section?

Costco's clearance section has grocery and household items you can save on. How much you can save depends on the monthly savings listed in that section of the website. There are also exclusive cyber savings available on the Costco website.

How can I get free shipping?

You can get free shipping at Costco by shopping online. Some items have free shipping due to their high prices. Many appliances are shipped for free for this reason. Additionally, there are often savings on shipping that depend on having a certain order threshold.

Will I find any military discounts?

The retailer does not have any Costco military discounts. However, there is a promotion for people in the military who sign up for an account. Veterans who sign up for an account receive a $20 Costco coupon card.

Are there any student discounts available?

There are no exclusive Costco student discounts. However, there is a promotion for students who join Costco. When a student joins Costco, they receive a Costco shop card. A Costco shop card makes shopping more convenient by providing a way to pay for items without a credit card or debit card. It does not expire and can be reloaded.

Are there any first order discounts?

Yes, there is a Costco first order discount. A new customer gets one Costco coupon to use for their first order.

How can existing customers save?

There is a Costco existing customers savings by signing up for a Costco account. Without a Costco account, existing customers can save by buying products in bulk. When buying in bulk, the products are much cheaper than they would be if you bought an individual product because of how much you save.

What benefits do rewards members receive?

Rewards members get 2% cashback on most purchases after signing up for an exclusive for Costco rewards members. You can also get discounts sent to you that non-members don't receive.

How do I get cashback?

Costco members get different Costco cashback levels based on their membership level. These are distributed annually as a paper check with the annual membership dues bill.

Is there a friends and family sale?

The retailer does not have a Costco friends and family sale. There are plenty of other regular savings and deals throughout the year.

What is the return policy?

The Costco return policy states that a membership can be canceled immediately if it does not satisfy you. Most products will be refunded for the full price if you are not satisfied, with some exceptions. Electronics have to be refunded within 90 days of receiving the item. Items that are custom-made will also not be refunded.

Using your Costco coupon

The Costco promo code can be used by logging in to your Costco account, searching for savings that show up, and selecting items that have savings. Apply the Costco promo codes before you check out.

Having trouble with your coupon?

Take these steps if you have trouble.

  1. Make sure the Costco discount includes the products you are trying to buy. Many shoppers make this mistake.

  2. Make sure there are enough items to qualify for savings. There are many Costco deals that require a specific number of products to get those benefits.

  3. Check the expiration date of the code. Coupon codes may no longer work after they expire.

Are there more ways to save?

There are other ways to save at Costco. Purchasing multiple items at a time is a good way to save with no Costco coupon code. One example is a savings opportunity for glasses from Costco that requires buying two pairs. Here are some other ways:

  1. Enter your email address to sign up for the CouponBox newsletter. You'll find all of the promo codes you need.

  2. Give an expired coupon code a try. Some work even after their listed expiration dates.

  3. Check for discounts that help you save on similar sites like Home Depot or Walmart.

Where can I find printable coupons?

Costco printable coupons are available to shoppers who sign up for a Costco account and log in to view what is currently promoted. Make sure it is not one that only applies to online purchases. There is no guarantee a cyber coupon will also work in stores. The other printable coupons can be used in Costco stores.