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Almost every day, we receive various questions about our portal and our work here at Right here in our FAQ section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is all about?

Glad you asked! At, we are a team of true coupon enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of looking for the best coupon codes, deals, and saving opportunities online, as well as publishing them on our site.

Is free of charge?

Yes, is always free for our users. You can be sure that you will never be charged for using our services and offers.

What is a coupon code?

Usually, a coupon code is composed of various numbers, letters, or a combination of both. Stores generally use coupons to stimulate sales, while you can benefit from lower prices at the same time – this creates a true win-win situation.

How can I redeem a coupon code?

To redeem a coupon code, you should start by choosing your favorite brand at Once you have found the right coupon code, click on "Get Coupon" and copy your code. You will now be redirected to the appropriate online store, where you can place all of the desired items in your cart. During the checkout process – usually on the shopping cart page or during the last step of your order – you simply enter your code in the designated box and receive your discount right away.

How long is a coupon code valid for?

The validity of each coupon codes is always different and is determined by the store itself. However, you can be sure that we are only going to publish valid coupon codes on How much longer a code is valid for will be displayed next to the corresponding coupon code.

Can I redeem a coupon code more than once?

Whether a coupon can be redeemed multiple times is determined by the store. Sometimes, you can redeem a discount code an unlimited number of times within its validity period. Sometimes, the code is limited to one redemption per person. However, you can find the corresponding restrictions by referring to the terms & conditions for that discount code.

Can various coupon codes be combined?

Yes, this is possible sometimes! In general, we will let you know and make explicit reference to this additional savings opportunity for the corresponding coupons. However, as long as the terms & conditions do not state any restrictions in this regard, you can also try your luck, of course. :)

A coupon code isn’t working – what can I do?

At, we have a number of coupons for numerous online shops in store for you. If your code is not working, there are a few steps that you should look into.

  1. Can the code be applied to the desired item?
    Sometimes, certain conditions have to be met for the successful redemption of a coupon code. This might mean a minimum order value or the promo code only being valid on selected items, for example. As such, you should make sure to look into the specific terms & conditions.

  2. Is the coupon currently valid?
    At, you will always find current discount codes, of course. In order for you to get an overview of past promotions, we also provide a list of codes, which were available for the desired shop recently. You should therefore check whether your chosen code has already expired or whether it is still valid.

  3. Coupon codes with and without the "Tested"-seal?
    Of course, our highly motivated team pays attention to the validity of the coupon codes offered here. For this reason, all coupon codes are periodically checked for their validity. Look for the "Tested"-seal to find out when a coupon was last reviewed by our team.

  4. Did you make a typo when entering your coupon code?
    Are you sure that the coupon code that you have entered is correct or did you make a typo by mistake? Simply copy the respective discount code again by pressing ⌘ + C on a Mac or Control + C on a Windows PC and add your coupon to the designated discount box once more.

  5. Ask the coupon guru for advice
    Although we place great importance on the actuality of our offers, in rare cases it can happen that a code no longer works. This happens when a shop deactivates a code before the end of the communicated runtime, for example. If you have followed all of the steps above and are still having issues when redeeming any coupon codes, simply contact us directly. On the shop pages here at, you find the contact details of our coupon gurus. They are happy to help you via email.

Is there a newsletter?

Yes, also offers its own newsletter. The newsletter is published twice a week (on Monday and Thursday) and contains numerous coupons and exclusive discount codes. As a recipient of the newsletter, you are in good company - we have more than 160.000 subscribers already.

  1. How can I sign up?
    Signing up for the newsletter is easy. Simply enter a valid e-mail address in the respective box on the main page and confirm your registration next. Of course, you can be sure that we are never going to disclose your data to third parties – it will only be used for sending our newsletter to you.

  2. How can I unsubscribe?
    If our weekly newsletter does not excite you any longer, we certainly find this to be very unfortunate. However, you can of course unsubscribe at any time - with just a few clicks. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the latest issue of our newsletter and click on the "Manage Alerts" link. This opens another page, on which you simply need to select the weekly newsletter and press "Unsubscribe." If you decide that you do not want to unsubscribe after all, simply close this window and you will continue to receive the newsletter.

Can I be notified about new coupons?

In addition to our weekly newsletter, we at also offer the opportunity to be notified about new discounts at your favorite. Our so-called coupon alert is completely free of course and you can be sure to never miss out on a discount in the future.

  1. How can I sign up for the coupon alert?
    To sign up for our coupon alert, simply visit your favorite brand at Right below the active promo code, you will find the sign-up box for the respective newsletter. Simply enter your e-mail address here, confirm your e-mail address and we will let you know about new saving opportunities as soon as possible.

  2. How can I manage my subscription?
    Of course, you can sign up for the respective coupon alert for several shops (there is no limit). To manage your subscription(s), just press "Manage Notifications" in the footer of the coupon alert. This opens a new window, on which you can see, which notifications you are registered for. On request, you can unsubscribe from one or multiple coupon alerts here.

How do I find my favorite brand at

To find your favorite brand at, simply enter the name of the store in the search bar in the header section of our site. As soon as you type in just one letter, you will see suggestions that match your request. Alternatively, you can browse all of our stores via this overview from A-Z.

Can I also print out these coupons and redeem them in-store?

In general, the codes that you can find here can exclusively be redeemed online - at the online stores of the individual brands. We also offer special coupons for printing that can be redeemed offline. The corresponding coupons are colour-coded and marked as a "Print Deal".

Registration and logging in at

To manage your settings yourself and receive personalised offers, we offer you the opportunity to register for free at Of course, you can also use our site without registering.

  1. How can I register at
    To you set up a free account with, just press the "Login" button on the top right. There, you have the opportunity to register an account with just one click by pressing "Sign up and save now!"

  2. What advantages are associated with registering at
    Although you can also use without registering, a separate account provides several advantages. For example, you will even be able to manage your settings and receive personalised offers. You can also create favorites.

  3. How can I manage my account?
    To manage your account, simply log in and press "My Account" at the top right, before pressing "Settings" next. This is where you can set and change your password, your name, city, country, and gender.

  4. I have forgotten my password – what can I do?
    If you have forgotten your password for your user account at, that's not a problem at all. Just click on "Login" and then on "Forgot Password." This opens a pop-up window where you can enter your e-mail address. We will then send a link to change your password to this e-mail address.

  5. How can I save my favorite coupons?
    You've found a great code at and want to remember this code to use it later? Then simply make this coupon code a favorite in your user account. For this, you simply need to click on the little heart next to the promo code on the respective store page.

I have a problem with an item purchased, an order, a subscription - what can I do? neither creates these coupons nor do we sell any products – as such, you will enter no contractual relationship with us whatsoever. We only publish coupon codes and discounts for various online stores. Should there be any problems with a purchased product, an order, or a subscription, please consult the respective retailers directly. The matching contact details can be found on our store pages in the left sidebar.

How do cash-back promotions work?

For selected stores, we offer our own cash-back incentives from time to time. This means that you get back money or will receive a gift certificate instead of a coupon code. For these offers, which have been marked accordingly, you need to shop via our special link first and then send us an e-mail with your proof of purchase to our cash-back e-mail address. After a brief examination, the cash-back amount will be released.

If everything is free and ad-free, how does make money?

As you have already noticed correctly, you always receive all coupons, discounts, and deals completely free of charge at and without any annoying advertising. Since we have to pay running costs, you might ask yourself how makes money – and rightfully so. For some shops on, we use so-called affiliate links. These shops are happy about new customers and increasing sales and you as a user can rejoice over the money that you can save. The satisfied online stores thank us for this service by paying us a commission - a true win-win-win situation!

My question is not listed here – what can I do?

Were we unable to answer your question as part of our FAQ? Then contact us via the contact form, via phone or via e-mail. >> Learn more