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Save big at FreshDirect in July 2024

Since 2002, FreshDirect, which began in New York City, has been delivering groceries to its customers. The company now extends as far as Washington, DC. This delivery service brings fresh produce, kitchen staples, prepared meals, and seafood, directly to your door. To save on groceries and delivery, use a FreshDirect promo code.

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FreshDirect: Free Shipping On Your First Order



Save at FreshDirect with Free Shipping on First Order


Useful tips and information

FreshDirect Coupon

How much can I save in the clearance section?

There is no FreshDirect clearance section. If you need to save money on groceries, check out all of the specials on the homepage. These specials include low prices on fresh produce, meats, and other essentials.

How can I get free shipping?

FreshDirect charges shipping rates based on where customers live. You usually pay around $7 per order. With free shipping FreshDirect codes, you have the chance to save on this cost. We found that free delivery FreshDirect discount codes usually pop up around the beginning of the month.

Are there any first-order discounts?

Finding a FreshDirect first-order discount is as easy as knowing when to look. Holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day are when you'll find discount codes designed to entice you to use the site. The best one takes $50 off when you spend $99 or more. You'll occasionally find offers for $25 off when you spend a minimum of $25, not including your shipping cost.

How can existing customers save?

Always check your email for FreshDirect existing customer savings. FreshDirect will often send messages with coupons that help you save money. Though some work for a full month, some only work for a few days. If you signed up but haven't used FreshDirect in a few weeks or longer, you will also get some exclusive savings opportunities.

What benefits do rewards members receive?

Chef's Table is a program designed to give back to loyal customers. FreshDirect rewards members can chat with dedicated support specialists when they have a problem and get their orders delivered faster. You need to either spend $500 or place 12 orders within three months to get an invite to this club. As a member, you get exclusive FreshDirect coupon codes, too.

Is there a friends and family sale?

Unfortunately, we didn't find a FreshDirect friends and family sale.

What is the return policy?

The FreshDirect return policy has a satisfaction guarantee. You can request a return of a perishable good up to seven days after your order arrives or the expiration date on the product. FreshDirect asks that you use whichever date comes first. The return window for nonperishable products like canned goods and frozen foods is 21 days.

Using your FreshDirect coupon

Grab a FreshDirect promo code and shop for groceries and other essentials on the site. You'll then click on the drawing of a shopping cart, which has a number that represents the items you added. On the right side of the page is a list of your products and the amount you owe. Enter your FreshDirect coupon code in the box that has “promo code” inside it. Click on the “Checkout” button to use it.

Having trouble with your coupon?

Though we look for recent and current FreshDirect deals, there are occasionally some that stop working. If you pick one that isn't working, you can try several things:

  1. See if there are exclusions or restrictions on how much you can buy or certain brands.

  2. Check the coupon for a minimum order requirement to see if you need to spend more.

  3. Replace the coupon code if you chose an expired one as some only work for a limited time.

Are there more ways to save?

FreshDirect gives you tons of ways to save like Bargain Days. During Bargain Days, you'll find specials on meat and fresh produce along with pantry staples. Though you can view all products, you can also look for deals on select items from specific departments like pet supplies or the bakery department. FreshDirect shows you the original price and the lower price you pay today. You can also look for other ways to save on FreshDirect:

  1. Get the Couponbox newsletter. You don't need to search to find the coupons you want because we find them and send them to you.

  2. Try an expired promo code. Though most have an expiration date, it isn't always the last date on which you can use them.

  3. Look for ways you can save on other grocery stores. Some of the similar stores that accept promo codes include Meijer and Costco.