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Save big at Facebook in July 2024

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social networks around the globe. Connect with your friends and family from all around the world and see what your loved ones have been up to with the help of Facebook. You can even send birthday gifts and play games.

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Facebook Coupon

Facebook is decidedly the most popular social networking tool for the great majority of us. It helps us connect to each other over long distances, see what is going on in each other’s lives and to interact in previously unimagined ways. But did you know what an effective marketing tool Facebook can be? It can be used to generate traffic to your website, create brand awareness, increase your customer base, grow your business and boost profitability. You can generate customers for practically any business using ads on the social network; and here as well, you can use a Facebook discount coupon to get the best deals!

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo


Each morning (or at whatever time of day you’ve set aside for FB) when you look at your notifications and private messages and friend requests on Facebook, you also see your apps and games, and you see ads as well. They are on the side of the page and they are also cleverly inserted into your newsfeed. Now those ads are typically interesting to you, because they often display website and actual products that you may just have been browsing online.

The ads are designed to reflect our interests and interestingly, also our weaknesses. Currently Facebook has 1.49 billion monthly active users and this number can only grow. As for advertisers, there are about 2 million active advertisers currently using the social media platform to advertise their products and services. Of these advertisers, small businesses are responsible for most of the gain. You can choose cost per click or cost per impression and you can choose to target a very broad audience versus a demographic defined by age or by very specific behaviors and interests and shopping patterns.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads can promote your business, boost your posts, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. They can encourage people to view your videos, download your app and increase in app engagement. The ads can help people know about events you are organizing and raise attendance. They tell people about your special offers and get them to claim your offers. So how do you get this wonderful Facebook ad tool to work for you? And how do you get a discount on this? More about that in a minute.


It is our mission to bring you the best in all type of promotional offers and deals including the best ones for all your Software needs. Find and use free offers from

  • Other World Computing for high end electronics, data storage solutions and more

  • Google Play for all the ebooks and the Android apps you need

  • McAfee to keep your devices protected from viruses

  • Symantec for technical support for businesses and more

  • Turbotax for help with filing your taxes

Use any coupon you need to; use more than one if you want. All the offers you see are 100% free; as is the information we bring you about Facebook promotional offers.

Facebook Promotions
Facebook Promotions


You will find some of these offers from the social networking site –

  • Free 14 day trial to see how the ads work for your business

  • $1 a day ad package or monthly advertising packages for less

  • A $50 Facebook ad coupon for just $12

  • Creating a professional Facebook page for just $5 (you can create one for free, but the paid ones have additional features and reach)

  • Like the Facebook business page to get free advertising

  • Other deals that may be added to the system in future


  1. To use a Facebook promo code, visit your Facebook page and go to settings.

  2. Visit the Manage Ads section and click on Billing and then on the Funding source links

  3. You will see a link for Add new funding source. Click on this and then the Facebook ad coupon link to use your discount code

  4. Pay securely to complete the transaction


Facebook Fans
Facebook Fans

You can visit the Ad Creation page on Facebook. Here, you can pick an objective: whether you want to drive people to your website, need conversions, want to boost your posts or get likes, app installs and increase app engagement. You can get more people to see your offers and claim them, create local awareness, get responses to your event invites and see your potential reach. Set a budget, find your audience and then track and optimize.