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    Save big at McDonalds in May 2024

    McDonald’s, the great global American brand has been cooking up happy meals for families all over the world and has been dishing up the world’s favorite food since 1955. Enjoy burgers, fries and more. Find out about seasonal deals, limited period offers, giveaways and contests.

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    No expiration date

    Expires on 12/31/2024

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    Available McDonalds Online Discount Codes for May 2024


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    Free 10 Piece McNuggets Promo Code With Coke Purchase Through DoorDash at McDonalds

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    Free Coffee for Students



    Save at McDonalds with Free 20-Piece Nuggets With Any Coca-Cola® Product

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    McDonalds Coupon

    If there is a name that stands for convenient and appetizing food it would have to be McDonald’s. McDonald’s has been filling tummies and putting smiles on people’s faces with burgers, fries and Cokes since it was first set up in 1948. What was started by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a barbecue restaurant is today a global brand with thirty five thousand outlets in over a hundred countries. McDonald’s now serves an incredible 68 million customers everyday! If you are one of them, you probably can make good use of our free McDonald’s discount codes.

    McDonald’s Logo
    McDonald’s Logo


    The progenitor of the Happy Meal, McDonald’s has been famous for the combo meal and the free toy that has delighted millions of customers over the decades. But the restaurant is about more than just burger, fries and coke. You can choose from a wide range of sandwiches, fish & chicken dishes, salads, sides, desserts and shakes as well as a range a great breakfast options. You’ve probably cut coupons out to get a discount on your order, but did you know you can use a free McDonalds coupon online as well? Read on to learn more.


    Check out some of these offers from McDonald’s (current offers may differ based on current promotions from the online store)

    • Extra value meals and buy one get one free offers on beverages

    • The special dollar menu and under 400 calories menu favorites

    • Free coffee with breakfast items

    • New fresh fruit choices with the happy meal

    • Limited period offers on beverages, shakes and frappes

    More deals may reflect on this page - you can use any that you like so long as it is currently valid and not expired.


    McDonald’s Burgers
    McDonald’s Burgers

    Click on any deal to you like to see the McDonald’s coupon code and to be taken to the official website where you can browse menu items. Check the menu for burgers and sandwiches, salads & wraps, snacks & sides, desserts & shakes, and read nutritional information. Check out the bundles and the low cal meals as well

    1. Hover over the menu item to see details and to click the ADD TO MEAL BUILDER button

    2. Keep adding items until you have all you need.

    3. Now click the My Meal Builder link at the top right of your page to check items

    4. Before paying for your order, you will be able to use your discount coupon simply by copying and pasting it into the space provided for it (some deals are pre calculated and you don’t need to use a code)

    5. You can choose a restaurant of your choice by entering your zip code and choosing the location you like

    6. Some offers can be used in store whereas some are meant for online use


    We have a number of great offers for you to choose from in our Takeaway & Delivery category. You have a choice of fast food items, pizza delivery, Mexican grills and many other great options to choose from. You can choose great deals from a baked goods and coffee store such as Dunkin Donuts or a buy one get one free offer from the pizza delivery specialists Dominos.

    McDonald’s Fries and Drinks
    McDonald’s Fries and Drinks

    These are all free offers, as is our weekly newsletter. This weekly newsletter, packed with the best deals each comes to your inbox directly and continues to help you save on all your online purchases. No memberships, no forms to fill, and no tedious surveys. Just great deals and offers - for you!


    Over time, there have been various accusations leveled against McDonald’s about the nutritional value of the food. To clarify these issues, questions by people have been answered by the fast food restaurant chain. Issues such as whether fries are made with real potatoes, whether real pork is used for McRib products and what is used for making the chicken nuggets are addressed by the company. And since the website sets out all nutritional details such as amount of fat and sodium, and the number of calories in each menu item, people can make an informed and healthful choice.


    McDonald’s now has a range of tempting breakfast items on the menu such as Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and the Egg White Delight Mc Muffin and the savory Sausage Biscuit. The Happy Meal now includes a fresh fruit option so parents can rest assured that they are making a healthy choice for their kids.

    Wi-Fi is now one of the offerings, with over 11,500 hot-spots in the US. Parties at McDonald’s are another service offered: easy for the parents and great fun for the kids.