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If you're a fast food junkie, then you've come to the right place. Check out all of our free fast food coupon codes right here on Couponbox and grab burgers, pizza, sandwiches and much more at a discount. Check out our huge selection of promo codes and choose the one of your liking to grab a free meal or get a rebate.

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Important Information about Fast Food coupons and discount codes

If you want to save money on a quick meal, start collecting fast food coupons! They are everywhere—online, on your phone, in the newspaper, in magazines, even on the back of receipts. And, many fast food establishments take competitor coupons, giving you even more fast food coupon possibilities.

With fast food coupons, you can get anything from a few cents off your meal to completely free meals.

How to use your smartphone to get fast food coupons

If you own a smartphone, check out apps for popular fast food establishments. Many will offer fast food coupons just for downloading their app—you might not even have to use it! Some apps will also offer you fast food coupons if you keep visiting. For example, Dairy Queen offers coupons for free items, such as a sundae, on every 5th visit. That’s a lot of free food!

Don’t forget about healthy fast food! If you go to Jamba Juice, do you have their app? They’ll give you a coupon for $2 off your next order, and a free smoothie on your birthday!

The Burger King app might be the best value. Downloading the app gives you instant access to $30 in fast food coupons, like buy one get one free Whoppers and sandwiches!

If you want to learn more about which fast food apps give you free food coupons just for signing up.

Online fast food coupons

Still, online fast food coupons are harder to come by than the ones you find in your newspaper, but they are growing in popularity. Much like the ones mentioned above that you can find in an app, companies can offer online-only deals that are only redeemable online. Domino’s is one such example, where you can use their fast food coupons to place an online order, but not an in-store order.

Fast food coupons are never more than a few clicks away. Get creative and get on your way to free food!

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