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    Dyson is known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners. This international brand also offers heaters, fans as well as parts and tools online. Check out the extensive Dyson product range for your home or simply register your Dyson warranty online.

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    Dyson offers some of the most innovative designs and technology in the residential vacuum industry. After finding the use of traditional wheelbarrows to be tedious and unstable, British inventor James Dyson built a fiberglass prototype of a wheelbarrow that placed a ball in place of where the wheel was installed. Dyson named his first invention the Ballbarrow and released it in the UK in 1974. Shortly after, he became frustrated when his Hoover vacuum lost suction over time, prompting him to do research to develop a much better approach to vacuum design. 5,127 prototypes were manufactured between 1979 and 1984. When Dyson's design was licensed by a Japanese-based company by the name of Apex in 1983, its success took off. Dyson brought the ball design from his Ballbarrow to his vacuums in 2005 with the initial release of the DC15 vacuum. Today, the company also produces bladeless fans, airblade hand dryers, digital motors and more.

    Dyson Logo
    Dyson Logo

    Dyson offers affordable monthly payments on its best vacuums, the Dyson Ball and Dyson Cinetic, to ease costs off of customers. Payments are interest free and are typically paid over 5 months. However, Dyson doesn't always offer this type of payment structure, so be sure to grab on it whenever it's available. Everything ships free, and you'll have 30 days to try out the vacuum before changing your mind. If you do, you'll need to return your vacuum and all of its accessories within that 30-day timeframe to receive your full refund. If you decide to keep the vacuum, you'll be pleased to hear that it comes with a 5-year warranty that covers defective parts and the labor it takes to repair those parts. If you're ready to purchase a Dyson vacuum, find out how we can help you save below.

    Save on Performance Vacuums with Coupons for Dyson

    A clean home is a happy home, and not much cleans homes as well as Dyson vacuums do. But this level of quality comes at a hefty price, and that's something many homes can't afford. If you're having trouble purchasing a Dyson vacuum, our coupons can help you out. Without adding any hidden fees or extra charges to your order, our coupons give you access to exclusive discounts that reduce the final costs of your orders.

    If you're thinking about purchasing a Dyson vacuum, sign up for our email alerts. We'll let you know when new offers are added for the brand. If you prefer other vacuum brands, browse our appliance section. You'll find offers and links to pages for Dyson competitors Oreck and many others.

    Dyson Vacuums
    Dyson Vacuums

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    1. Browse Dyson's online shop, and select the vacuum you'd like to purchase.

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    6. Configure your desired tool kit options.

    7. Review your order, and confirm payment if everything is correct.

    The Origin of the Cyclonic Design

    When James Dyson removed the bag from his Hoover vacuum, he noticed a layer of dust had collected on its sides. He conducted on-site research at a sawmill and found that the mill used a large industrial cyclone to remove excess dust and debris from the air. He scaled down the cyclonic design and fitted a cardboard cyclone in his Hoover vacuum bag. The design eliminated the dust that formed on the sides of the bag, and through the over 5,000 prototypes he created afterward, Dyson found a way to make a vacuum that was both bagless and filterless. Because companies such as Hoover saw the design as a threat, the prototypes failed to gain funding and licensing in British and American markets, thus why Dyson was forced to turn to the Japanese market.

    Dyson remained in the Japanese market for the next 10 years, building up enough income to bring the company back home in the UK in 1993. The first model brought to the British market featured a double cyclone design that was able to provide constant suction. This cyclonic design transformed into the design Dyson uses today – a central cyclone that utilizes the help of up to 35 smaller cyclones to ensure dirt and debris moves constantly.