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    Take your family out to IHOP and share a breakfast that they won’t forget. IHOP offers tasty pancakes, waffles and crepe specialties as well as eggs, bacon and so much more. With breakfast being served around the clock, you simply cannot go wrong.

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    IHOP Coupon

    The first International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurant opened its doors in 1958 in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles. Owing to it's franchise based business model, the popularity of IHOP grew rapidly as the chain expanded across the United States and eventually to other international regions. As the name suggests, the owners' original concept was to open restaurants offering different types of pancakes, crepes and similar foods at affordable prices. Over the decades the menu has expanded to include a larger range of breakfast foods, plus lunch and dinner menus, all in a diner style environment. Now established as one of the leading family restaurant chains in the U.S., IHOP is a firm favorite for breakfast, any time of day.

    IHOP logo
    IHOP logo

    Waffles, French toast or pancakes, whatever you're craving, you can be satisfied at a discounted rate using one of our IHOP coupons. We find the most current coupon codes for you to use in one of over 1,500 IHOP locations. Getting hungry? Read on to find out how it works.

    Example IHOP coupons

    If you are planning a trip to IHOP, you will be interested in seeing the kind of savings we offer. By simply registering on the IHOP website you can start saving by receiving free meals right away and every year on your birthday. Go to the "My IHOP" section of the website and click to sign up now. Please be advised however that this deal may only be offered for a limited time. Our coupons also offer free meals and other reductions on your meal such as the following:

    • Free classic dishes in selected cities

    • $5 discounts on purchases over $20

    • Free meals and birthday meals!

    Some discounts may only be valid at certain locations and may be subject to a minimum order amount, so please always read the fine print before using.

    Redeeming your free IHOP coupons

    Most IHOP coupon codes are redeemed on location when ordering your meal. Some discounts may require signing in to the IHOP rewards scheme page first to access the code. To sign up to the rewards scheme, head to the IHOP website and to the "My IHOP" section. Click the "sign up now" button and enter your details. Once you have found and chosen your coupon code, all it takes is the following steps:

    1. Print the coupon you would like to use.

    2. Go to your local IHOP restaurant. If necessary use the resturant locator on the IHOP website for your nearest store.

    3. Present the coupon to your server.

    4. Order and enjoy your meal.

    5. On paying, relish at the reduced price of the bill.

    Please note only one coupon may be used per table, so pick the right code to make the best savings. If you would like to find more reductions on eating out at family restaurants, we recommend taking a look at our other coupons for Pizza Hut and the Olive Garden. See how affordable it can really be to eat out!

    IHOP pancakes
    IHOP pancakes

    IHOP menu favorites

    Pancakes are not all IHOP is famous for. IHOP's varied breakfast menu offers great flavors in great combinations, made from scratch with fresh ingredients every day, and with our coupons you could be enjoying it all for less. Some classic meals you can enjoy at IHOP include:

    • Pick-a-Pancake Combo

    • Big Steak Omelette

    • Breakfast Sampler

    • Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity pancakes

    • T-Bone Steak and Eggs

    Trying to watch the calories? No need to worry. All IHOP's classic dishes can be ordered without butter, cheese and whipped toppings, plus substitutes such as sugar free syrup and turkey bacon are available on request. Also be sure to check out the Simple & Fit menu, for equally flavorsome food at under 600 calories.   

    Senior savings

    In a addition to IHOP's regular, chlidren's and Simple & Fit menus, IHOP offer a special seniors menu at a special lower price. If you are over the age of 55, you can enjoy a range of delicious dishes at a discounted price, no promotional code necessary.

    IHOP Chicken Dinner
    IHOP Chicken Dinner

    Save on special occasions with a gift card

    If you are struggling for gift ideas, an IHOP restaurant gift card is an excellent way of giving your loved ones the opportunity to celebrate with a discounted meal. Buying a gift card is made even easier as customers can order online through the IHOP website, with the option to deliver cards by mail or to send digitally right away. Look out for savings associated with gift card payments on our site for more reductions on your bill.