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Expires on 07/23/2020

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Expires on 04/15/2024

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Expires on 12/31/2024

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Available FreeTaxUSA Online Discount Codes for July 2024


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Seasonal Savings: Deluxe Support Only $7.99

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FreeTaxUSA Discount: Pro Support Only $39.99

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FreeTaxUSA: Free Shipping

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Useful tips and information

FreeTaxUSA Coupon

Is there a clearance section?

A FreeTaxUsa clearance section isn't offered at this time. However, they do offer a "Free Edition" page. The free edition page provides free federal tax returns, e-filing, customer support, tax extensions, and free printing accessibility. The only service you'll need to pay for with this FreeTaxUsa deal is the state filing fee.

Is there a military discount offered?

Although there isn't a FreeTaxUsa military discount, the company does specialize in maximizing military refunds. This FreeTaxUsa deal will help you save by securing combat pay exclusions, uniform deductions, reservist's travel deductions, EITC, and more.

How can I save on my first order?

You'll receive a FreeTaxUsa first order discount in the form of free uploads. This FreeTaxUsa deal enables you to upload your prior tax returns for free before filling out your current tax forms.

How do existing customers save?

FreeTaxUsa gifts every customer with free federal tax return filing. Tap into your FreeTaxUsa existing customer savings by first scrolling to the bottom of the website. Next, click on "Supported Federal Forms" under the "Current Year" section. Once the page is ready, scroll to the bottom again and click "Start Free Return" to commence your FreeTaxUsa deal.

Is there a friends and family sale?

At present, you won't find a FreeTaxUsa friends and family sale on the website. Keep reading to discover different methods to unlock a FreeTaxUsa deal.

What's the return policy?

There isn't a FreeTaxUsa return policy. Your FreeTaxUsa deal is final after you file your yearly tax return.

How do I use my FreeTaxUsa coupon?

You'll need to fill out your tax return and payment details before applying your FreeTaxUsa coupon code to your order. You'll be able to enter your code into an empty text box on the payment summary page. Make sure your code applies before submitting any payment.

What can I do if my coupon isn't working?

Check out these Couponbox-approved methods for fixing a malfunctioning FreeTaxUsa coupon code.

  1. Your FreeTaxUsa coupon code may not be working because of a small, easy-to-fix error. Try copying and pasting your code into the empty text box to ensure accurate spelling.

  2. Find the expiration date on your coupon. Your coupon may not do its job if it's expired. If the code doesn't work, try out a different FreeTaxUsa coupon instead.

  3. You may be missing the minimum requirements attached to your code. To fix this issue, you may need to spend the minimum amount stated on your coupon.

What to do next if there aren't any coupon codes

You can still save by signing up for FreeTaxUsa's free tax package, called the free edition. Everyone, even those signed up for the paid versions of FreeTaxUsa, can file their federal tax returns online for free. Couponbox offers additional tips for dealing with the absence of FreeTaxUsa coupon codes below.

  1. The Couponbox newsletter will keep you informed on the arrival of brand-new FreeTaxUsa coupon codes and offers.

  2. Expired coupon codes could offer hidden gems in the form of functioning discounts. Try typing one in to see if it applies.

  3. You could take advantage of coupon codes Couponbox has to offer from similar stores. For example, FreeTaxUsa customers on Couponbox also shopped at stores like H&R Block or Groupon.