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Save $1000 in July 2024

Agoda is your one-stop place to plan everything you’ll need for an upcoming trip. Besides flight and hotel bookings, Agoda offers home short-term home rentals and hostels. The website also gives you information about your destination’s attractions, so you won't miss a thing. Use an Agoda promo code to save money.

What are the best ways to save at Agoda?

The best way to save as much as possible at this site is by using an Agoda coupon. Here are a few recent (and wide-ranging) Agoda deals:

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Expires on 12/31/2024

Expires on 04/26/2025

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Useful tips and information

Agoda Coupon

How much can I save in the clearance section?

You can find Agoda’s clearance section by clicking on the “Coupons and Deals” tab at the top of the Agoda website. You’ll find a selection of the latest deals on different offerings. The most common promotions include money off based on a minimum spend, Agoda discount codes for 25% off domestic hotels, special prices on select hotels, and international hotel deals.

How can I get free shipping?

There’s no need to worry about shipping with Agoda, as you’ll receive all of your booking information electronically. You can view your booking confirmations directly on your Agoda account, and will also receive them in emails sent straight to your inbox. 

Are there any discounts for first orders at the store?

You can usually find a 5% Agoda first order discount that comes up as a pop-up when you first enter the website. You can also sometimes find first order Agoda promo codes in the selection on our website, so keep checking back or choose one of our other Agoda deals.

How can existing customers save?

You can save money by checking Agoda’s “Coupons and Deals” page to see their latest offers. Or you can browse our selection of Agoda promo codes to find ways to save on the experiences you wish to buy. Existing customers can also benefit from the Agoda loyalty program, which can help them save more as they spend more.

What benefits do rewards members receive?

You can receive Agoda rewards members discounts through the AgodaVIP rewards program. Once you qualify, you’ll join the program automatically and start building up points to receive exclusive rewards. You’ll access special deals, and lower prices on various hotel stays. Agoda also has partnerships with other loyalty programs. To qualify, select your favorite loyalty program out of the 46 participating partners, book your hotel and earn points from your stay.

Is there a friends and family sale?

There are no specific Agoda friends and family sales, but you can sometimes find one-off Agoda promotions on the website's  “Coupons and Deals” section. You can also browse our selection of Agoda coupon codes and share your findings with family and friends. If you’re planning a family getaway, Agoda will certainly have a way to help you save.

What is the return policy?

While there is no Agoda return policy, you can cancel your booking online via the Agoda website or app. The property will determine any subsequent cancellation fees, and you’ll be able to find all the details in the property’s cancellation policy. 

Using your Agoda coupon

It’s simple to use your Agoda promo code. Just head to the Agoda website, select the booking you want and ensure your Agoda coupon is eligible. Fill out your details to create an Agoda account for the booking, and add your code to the designated promo code box to redeem the discount.

Having trouble with your coupon?

Don’t worry, we regularly check our coupons, so they should all work. However, if your Agoda coupon isn’t working, there are a few things you can check:

  1. Is your Agoda promo code formatted correctly? The easiest way to make sure it’s correct is by copying and pasting it directly into the box.

  2. Check that there aren’t any minimum spend restrictions. If any exist, make you have met them, or try another code.

  3. Check that your Agoda promo code covers the experience you want to book.

  4. Check if your Agoda coupon is still in date. It may have expired - although the coupons sometimes continue to work one or two days past the expiration date.

Are there more ways to save?

If you can’t find the Agoda promo code you’re looking for, try some of the following options:

  1. Check to see some of the other Agoda promo codes on our site to see if they offer what you’re looking for.

  2. Browse the recently expired Agoda coupons, as they may still work.

  3. Sign up for the CouponBox newsletter. We’ll send the latest updates and Agoda promo codes directly to your inbox.

  4. Check the “Coupons & Deals” tab on Agoda’s website. They may offer an exclusive Agoda promotion for the experience you’re looking for.

Give these Just-Expired Agoda Coupons & Deals a Go

Feel free to try one of these Agoda coupon codes that may still work.

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$1000 off with this Coupon

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Agoda Promo Code: $50 off



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Agoda Best Deal of the Season - 10% off Asian Travel Bookings

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Up to 25% Off for VIP Members



Up to 8% off Promo Code Osaka Accommodation Bookings at Agoda

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