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Expires on 12/31/2023

Expires on 12/31/2023

Expires on 12/31/2023

Expires on 12/31/2023

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Useful tips and information

Ramp Coupon

How much can I save in the clearance section?

There is no specific Ramp clearance section on the website. This is because the brand offers corporate credit cards and solutions such as bill payment software, vendor management, and accounting automation. So you can do better than clearance. With Ramp’s effective services and solutions, you gain back time and money simply by choosing one of their products. 

How can I get free shipping?

This brand is all about simplifying finances, and with their primarily online solutions, free shipping with Ramp isn’t really necessary. If you apply for one of their corporate card services, you’ll receive any physical card(s) in the post for free once you’ve been approved.

How can existing customers save?

Existing Ramp customers can enjoy significant savings with features such as unlimited 1.5% cashback, effortless spending insights, expert negotiators, streamlined expense management, and comprehensive reporting. With Ramp, existing customer savings means businesses can optimize their expenses and maximize savings, ensuring a positive impact on their organization’s bottom line. Looking for other ways to save? Check for Ramp promo codes for existing customers on our page.

What benefits do rewards members receive?

When you sign up, you become a Ramp rewards member and can access more than $350,000 is partner rewards. Whether you’re looking for travel services or need sales and marketing support, you can access deals and redeem them within the product dashboard. 

How do I get cashback?

To enjoy Ramp cashback benefits, simply sign up for a business credit card and gain access to unlimited 1.5% cashback. With these virtual or physical cards, you'll experience a new level of control as they offer the ability to block or restrict spending for a specific vendor, whether it's on an individual card or for your entire company.

What is the return policy?

If you need to cancel your subscription to one of their services for any reason, it is relatively easy to do. The Ramp return policy requires a 30-day advanced notice to cancel the debit authorization from a linked account. Additionally, all outstanding amounts, including charges and future periodic statements, must be settled immediately. It is important to note that canceling the debit authorization does not terminate the “Platform Agreement,” and you will remain responsible for all costs of collections and damages if amounts owed are not paid.

Using your Ramp coupon

You can redeem Ramp coupon codes when you’re signing up to its services, cards and subscriptions. Before you start, you’ll need to ensure your business is suitable to access the brand’s services. Head to the Ramp website and answer the questions about your business regarding monthly spending, and clarify the solutions you are looking for. If your business aligns, you will be redirected to the “Claim your account and get started” page, where you can enter your Ramp promo code.

Having trouble with your coupon?

We check all our Ramp coupon codes to ensure they work as they should. In the unlikely event you’re having trouble applying yours, then try one of these steps:

  1. Double-check the Ramp coupon formatting meticulously. Even a minor error in a single letter or digit can render the code ineffective - we find it’s better to copy and paste.

  2. Verify the expiration date of the Ramp code you’re using. If it has expired, check back here for an alternative.

  3. Confirm if there are any minimum requirements associated with the Ramp offer, and ensure that the solutions you are looking to contract are eligible.

Are there more ways to save?

If you find there are no Ramp coupons available or specific discounts, go directly to the website and see if there are any promotions that suit the services your business needs right now. You also have a few other options to try to ensure you don’t miss out on saving solutions.

  1. Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated with any new Ramp offers, we’ll send them direct to your inbox when they’re available.

  2. If you come across an expired Ramp deal, try seeing if it still works, you could be in luck. 

  3. Check out coupons we have for similar credit card and financial software solutions on Couponbox.