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June 30,2016: According to recent research by, baseball fans can save hundreds of dollars by travelling to their favorite team’s away games in nearby cities. The study gathered the average prices of premium tickets, drinks and hot dogs of the 30 MLB stadiums around the country.

Each stadium’s average prices, gathered from, were used to create a unique ranking based on the average cost of two premium tickets, two drinks (both beer and soft drinks) and two hot dogs. The results were compiled in the infographic below.

Baltimore’s Oriole Park was ranked the most affordable at number one on the stadium index, and Yankee Stadium in New York was ranked the most expensive at number 30.

Other highlights of the stadium index are that Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park has the best average price on hot dogs. Phoenix’s Chase Field has the best average price on drinks. And Milwaukee’s Miller Park has the best average prices on premium tickets.

The index also provides specific examples on how to save money at away games. However, the index is intended to be used by each fan according to their own travel plans. A traveling fan simply looks up the stadium where their team will be playing and use the index to judge whether it will be cheaper at the away game than at their home stadium.

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