Which Grocery Store Saves You the Most Money?

June 9, 2016: Buying groceries should be one of the easier tasks in our daily routines. However, with the numerous supermarkets and products available today, making the right decisions can be difficult. Couponbox.com performed a survey of 100 products in five different supermarket chains to help consumers make informed decisions and save money.

According to the survey, Aldi offers the lowest prices on 66 out of the 100 products surveyed. This equates to approximately 34 percent in savings per month on groceries. Walmart and Kroger were in second and third place with 14 percent and 5 percent in monthly savings respectively.

Regional Grocery Costs

The survey also delved into the regional differences in grocery costs and created a ranking based on monthly budget.

Not surprisingly, New York City tops the list ($440.37) as the most expensive city to buy groceries, followed by Minneapolis ($414.60) and Washington DC ($393.77).

The least expensive cities were Denver ($345.22), Charlotte ($345.56) and Los Angeles ($348.18).

Best Prices by Product

Although Aldi saves shoppers the most in monthly one-stop shopping, other supermarkets had the best prices for specific products.

For example, Kroger had the best price on sliced cheese, ground turkey and ice cream. Trader Joe’s had the best prices on canned beer, wine and olive oil. And Publix had the best prices on hot dog buns, chicken breast and unsalted butter.

Consumers can use these specifics to save the most money according to their shopping habits.

For more details on which supermarkets have the best prices on which products, view and share the infographic below. Get the best coupons for groceries on Couponbox.com.

Which supermarket saves you the most money?

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