Summer party

Couponbox’s Ultimate Summer Party Guide

Summer party season is upon us. As the weather starts heating up our weekend plans are beginning to move from the warmth of our houses to the sunny backyard. Barbecues, pool parties, rooftop shindigs – they’re the best thing about summer.

But sometimes the cost of food, alcohol, decorations and entertainment doesn’t do your wallet any good. The costs can add up fast the more guests you invite, and you can’t leave out loved ones.

Couponbox are all about saving you money, and we know how to spare you some dollar from every aspect of your summer party this year.

We’ve created a survey to see what you are most likely to spend your money on when you throw a summer party and provided you with some top tips to save on your party.


How do American’s spend their summer party budget?

Our findings showed us that 45% of American’s who plan to have a summer party will spend between $100 and $300 on their celebrations, with a further 20% spending between $300 and $600.

But what do we spend our money on? 60% of American’s focus on food with that being their main expense, and 22% spend lots of money on alcohol for their guests.

33% say that decorations are the party-essential they spend the least amount of money on.

Summer parties are kept relatively small with 75% of those surveyed saying they would invite under 50 guests.

As Couponbox are keen savers, we asked what the party-throwers will do with any leftover waste from the party. In true saver style, 36% of American’s will use the leftovers for themselves, with 20% saving it for next year and 13% recycling it.


How can you save money on your summer party?

Buy online – There are often huge discounts to be had when buying online, and everything gets delivered to your door

Buy in bulk – Hopefully you know how many guests are coming, so buy all of your food and alcohol in bulk to save on cost

Use coupons – Another benefit to buying online – Couponbox has thousands of coupons for online shops that will serve your every party need

Measure per person to avoid waste – If you know how many people are coming, calculate how much food and alcohol you need per person to avoid waste and save money

Brew your own beer – why not start a new hobby while you’re at it? We have tons of Northern Brewer coupons to kick-start your beer-brewing career

Ask guests to bring a dish – It sounds simple but most of the time, people actually enjoy making a dish and bringing it along. It’ll save you a lot of cash too.

Take a look at the infographic for a visualization of our summer party guide: