The Cost of Starbucks Coffees Around the World

A Travel Guide for Starbucks Coffee Addicts

October 5, 2016: Starbucks is known for providing a consistently tasty cup of coffee regardless of location. No matter what city, state or country you are in, Starbucks coffee is consistently good. However, the price of that good stuff is not so consistent wherever you go.

For this very reason, decided to create an international travel guide to help Starbucks coffee addicts know what their favorite beverage will cost them around the world.

International Starbucks Pricing Survey

To do this, the savings website conducted a pricing survey by calling various Starbucks retail locations in 22 capital cities to inquire about the price of three popular drinks, the Cappuccino, the Americano and the Latte.

According to the survey, the most expensive place for a cup of Starbucks is Bern, Switzerland with an average cost between the three drinks of $5.92. The most affordable city was Warsaw with an average price of $2.68.

Cost of Starbucks Infographic

In New York City, ranked 14 of 22, the average price was $2.89. In London, it was $3.13 and in Paris, $4.04.

View the full results of the international pricing study in the handy infographic below, and get the best deals on domestic coffee from top brands like Green Mountain Coffee on

A travel guide for Starbucks coffee addicts

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