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Foodkick is a same-day grocery and alcohol delivery service. They deliver chilled wine, quick meal hacks and exclusive products from their local partners. They connect customers to the tastiest and freshest items. These include drinks, food, lifestyle essentials and more. All deliveries are made within an hour. Use a Foodkick coupon code to save money on your delivery now.

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Feel free to try one of these FoodKick coupon codes that may still work.

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Useful tips and information

FoodKick Coupon

How does a customer use a Foodkick coupon code properly?

  • To use a Foodkick coupon correctly, you'll want to take some time to examine the list we have available here at Couponbox. Next, choose the coupon code that will allow you to save the greatest amount of money. Also, be sure to note any important terms and conditions the coupon code may have.

  • After that, head over to the Foodkick website or mobile app and choose the items that you want to be delivered. Add those items to your shopping bag on the app or website.

  • You'll have to enter the ZIP code where you want the delivery and then either create an account or sign into your account when you attempt to go to the checkout page.

  • When you finally get to the checkout page, you'll be able to enter your Foodkick promo code into the "promo code" field near your billing information.

What should I do if my Foodkick coupon code isn't working?

If you're trying to get a delivery from Foodkick and your promo code isn't working, try the following:

  • Check all the Foodkick coupon code terms and conditions here on Couponbox. Make sure there isn't a special requirement you have to fulfill for the coupon code to be valid.

  • Next, be certain that your Foodkick promo code isn't limited to new customers only. If you're a returning customer, you'll need to use a coupon code that is valid for you as well.

  • Thirdly, your error may be caused by accidentally typing in the Foodkick coupon code incorrectly. Instead of manually typing your code in, try copying and pasting it in.

  • Finally, make sure your Foodkick coupon isn't expired. Check the expiration date carefully and find a code that is still valid.

Does Foodkick have a special "sale" section of its app or website?

Foodkick does have a special "Deals" category of its website. It's listed along with the rest of the Foodkick categories. You can save 20-30% off your purchase in this section. You may be able to combine a Foodkick coupon code with the discounts found on this page to receive additional savings. Seasonal promotions also may appear here.

Does Foodkick offer any special "seasonal" promotions or sales?

Foodkick does appear to post special seasonal promotions and sales on its Social Media pages. These include posting information about "Black Friday" sales on Facebook, for example.

Does Foodkick offer free delivery to its customers?

Foodkick doesn't offer free delivery by default to its existing customers. However, you may find Foodkick coupon codes that do indeed provide free delivery. Foodkick does offer new customers 30 days of free delivery when they place their first order.

Does Foodkick offer any special additional opportunities for customers to save?

In addition to the Foodkick coupon code listings that you can find here on Couponbox, there are some additional ways you can save money.

Is there a Foodkick app?

If you download the Foodkick app, you may get app notifications on your cellphone letting you know when there are new discounts available.

Does Foodkick offer free returns or refunds to customers?

If there is a mistake, Foodkick will make it right and refund customers.