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Our auto rental deals are not to be missed. If you are hoping to rent a car either for pleasure or for business, we would like to help you save. Choose a mid-size or luxury vehicle or even rent a van if you wish. No matter what kind of car you are looking to rent, these auto rental promo codes will come in handy.

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Important Information about Car Rental coupons and discount codes

Whether you got in an accident and need a car, or you’re enjoying time away from home and need to get around—renting a car is sometimes unavoidable. And the fees can really add up! Before you know it, your car rental can end up costing almost as much as your flight.

But with car rental coupons, you can ease the burden of renting a car by saving some much-needed cash. These coupons can vary by company, location, and many other variables, so check often to make sure you don’t miss out.

Whether it’s for 25% off, one free day on your rental, or saving more money with certain car manufacturers, car rental coupons and discount codes can help you make the most out of your trip.

Check out this video to learn how to find the best car rental coupons and deals!

How to find car rental deals

Treat your car rental like a flight. Do some shopping online to find the best deals! But, avoid renting a car at an airport. Yes, it’s convenient, but airports tack on some surcharges that independent car rental spots do not.

When you shop around, don’t forget to consider your credit cards, and any other memberships like AAA. Your credit cards may offer deals on car rentals, helping you narrow in on the cheapest price you can get!

Don’t be too conservative. Think about how many people you’re traveling with. Choose the best option that fits the amount of people who will be using the car. Sometimes, you may even get the chance to upgrade for free when you get to the lot!

Forget about the extras. People will try to sell you on extras like GPS, roadside assistance, and satellite radio. If you aren’t spending your entire vacation in your rental car, these are likely not worth the extra money.

Last but not least, keep up with coupons! Check multiple sources, and often, for the latest car rental coupons. You will be saving money on your big trip in no time!

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