How to Save Money in Department Stores

Department stores like JCPenney, Kohl's, Macy's or Walmart offer a huge selection of different products. Make sure to never pay full price at department stores again with our free coupons right here on this page. All our coupons are tested manually, so you can be sure they are 100% working.

According to USA Today's 10 Best list, here are the top department stores in America:

  1. Neiman Marcus
  2. Lord & Taylor
  3. Nordstrom
  4. Macy's
  5. Bergdorf Goodman
  6. Kohl's
  7. Dillard's
  8. JCPenney
  9. Target
  10. Bloomingdale's

Did your favorite make the cut?

There's one thing these 10 stores have in common, and that's that you can use department store coupons at each one, both in-store and online!

Looking for department store coupons for Neiman Marcus? You could save 15% off your entire purchase, get free 2-day shipping, and even get free items! Just don't forget to search for coupons before you start shopping. Some of their coupons are online-only, so be careful!

When it comes to department store coupons, you can always find some to use at Kohl's. They are notorious for their multiple coupon offerings and Kohl's Cash reward system. At Kohl's, you can get up to 30% off on your favorite Food Network kitchenware, designer brands, jewelry, and perfumes.

Macy's is one of the biggest department stores, and perhaps the biggest when it comes to variety of well-known designer brands. With Macy's department store coupons, you can save a lot of cash on your next shopping trip. You can get $10 cash back right from your purchase, or you can save up to 30% on any items store-wide! Don't forget to check Macy's out during holidays, too, as this is the best time to save. You can even get free shipping online--get the best deals without ever leaving your house!

The best time to find department store coupons

Sunday is usually a huge shopping day for department stores, not including holidays, so many of them make coupons available on Fridays and Saturdays, in anticipation of people clipping them for Sunday use. 

Don't forget to keep track of a department store's sale history, too. Often times, what is advertised as a one-day sale may actually last for two days or more!