Save on Cell Phone: Our Experts Show How

If you are looking for a new smartphone or a more affordable cell phone plan, we would like to help you save. We work with plenty of different retailers and service providers in this category so that you can benefit from some of the very best mobile phone deals all around.

Is your cell phone slowing down? Is the screen or hardware broken beyond repair? Or are you simply tired of the same phone you've had for the last couple of years? If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, it may be time for a new cell phone.

But, now more than ever, cell phones are extremely expensive. Since a smartphone is now the norm, you're looking at a global average price of $363.00. The average smartphone price increased 10% in the last quarter alone, compared to last year--the fastest price increase ever!

When Apple had released their lower-priced iPhone models, many people thought this was a sign of great things to come. But that period ended as quickly as it started, and now the newest iPhone sells for $1,000. Things that are becoming "standard" features of smartphones are all increasing the price that much more. Better cameras, better AI, and better graphics all come standard with newer smartphones, whether we want those features or not.

So, if you want a smartphone, you'll have to pay! But cell phone coupons can help you ease that burden.

Where to find cell phone coupons

Consider switching your cell phone service provider. You can get up to $75 cash back from Verizon Wireless when you switch from another provider. You can also get $100 off select phones with Verizon!

Shopping for a cell phone requires some smart research. Once you know you want a new phone, you should carefully plan your shopping trip.

One of the best times, of course, is Black Friday. Black Friday is a great time to save on newer models. But, if you don't care about what's brand-new, and you'd be okay with an older model, Summertime is a great time to buy. You can find iPhones for up to $100 cheaper than its debut retail price.