Discover These Uniforms Discount Codes and Get Our Expert Tips

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Uniform Saving Tips

What do a nurse, police officer, sanitation worker, security officer, and a doctor have in common? They, and many other working professionals, all wear uniforms. From your hat down to your socks, your uniform should look great at all times when you're on the job. But of course, eventually some items will need to be replaced. Uniform coupons are here to help!

As online ordering is taking over, the uniform retail store is slowly phasing out. Plus, you can save more when you order uniforms online.

If you need scrubs, check out Scrubs and Beyond. They have many different styles, sizes, and color varieties so you can stay in style even at work. With uniform coupons, you can score $10 off your oder and $5 shipping!

No matter what kind of uniform you own, it can be a challenge to keep all of the garments clean. But, when you clean them too often, they're more likely to wear out quicker! Here are a few tips to keep your uniform in tip-top shape.

How to keep your uniform clean

  1. Be prepared. Keep a small stain remover pen with you at all times in case of any accidents. If you work at a large facility, check out their laundry services to make sure they have quality cleaning supplies.
  2. Wash everything on a gentle cycle, separately from other laundry. Even if the directions state otherwise, you should wash your uniform on a gentle cycle. This prevents too much extra handling, which could lead to early degradation of the fabric.
  3. Hang your uniform up right when it's finished drying. This will prevent you from using an iron, which serves as unnecessary wear-and-tear. Remember, with uniforms, you're going for longevity!

If it's time to go shopping for new shoes to accompany your uniform, check out Shoes For Crews. They sell all kinds of work shoes, and with uniform coupons, you can get up to 20% off 2 or more pairs of shoes!