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Languages of the World

Do you want to learn a new language to help you travel or gain new career opportunities? This visual tool shows you 10 of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Click on a language to show on the map where it is established and approximately how much time is needed to learn it.

Below the map, you can see calculations for the average cost to learn each language.

to Learn

At five days per week, part time.

Native Speakers Across


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Cost of Learning a Language

Curious about what it could cost to learn any of these languages? As a guide, we calculated the number of hours and cost per hour required to learn each language. As you can see, the difficulty of a language doesn't mean it costs more to learn. Even though it takes more hours to learn Malay than say, Portuguese, its cheap hourly cost makes it an economic choice. For those of you who are really ambitious AND don't mind spending money, Chinese is one of the most difficult languages and is by far the most expensive to learn!