Textbooks: Coupon Codes and More

As a student, it's sometimes really hard to afford textbooks and school supplies. With our free textbook coupon codes right here on Couponbox, you will find everything you need for school or university at a discount. We're here to help you find some amazing deals so that you can spend the money on important things in life.

One of the priciest realities college students must accept is the price of textbooks. A new textbook can sometimes cost a couple hundred dollars, making the possible total semester textbook requirement possibly over one thousand dollars! 

When it comes to getting textbooks for cheaper, there are many options, espeially if you can choose a used version of the required textbook. And textbook coupons can help you even further!

If you're a fan of buying used books, have you checked out Chegg? Chegg is a textbook rental service, where students can rent instead of purchase their textbooks for a fraction of the price. This way, you don't have to worry about getting rid of them at the end of the semester. Simply return them back to Chegg. With Chegg coupons, you can score free shipping or even up to $25 off!

How to save money buying textbooks

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when buying your semester's books. 

  1. Do not wait until the last minute! EVER! If you're buying from your university bookstore, get your books the second you get your list. This way, you can snatch up the used copies before anyone else.
  2. Check for free downloads before committing to purchase. Through various internet initiatives like Project Gutenberg, you can find tens of thousands of digital books online, completely free. This is particularly useful for any English or Literature courses.
  3. Check out the older editions. Some textbook's new editions are so similar to the old ones, even down to the page number, that you might be able to settle for an older one for half the price.
  4. Shop by ISBN. When you receive your book list, note the ISBN instead of the book title. This way, when you google it, prices from all different reputable online shops will appear.