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Whether you are looking for brand new summer or winter tires or simply need a tire change, our trusted partners can help with that. However, we cannot only help you find a tire expert near you, but we also give you access to some additional savings. Check out these tire discount codes today!

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About Tires coupons and discount codes

You know what they say—You should invest more money in things that keep you on the ground. This includes tires! Brand-new tires are a necessity, and they can be incredibly pricey. In fact, the average cost of a new set of four tires is reportedly $637. One tire can cost anywhere from $50 to over $200! But, with tires, you typically get a much better product if you pay more for it.

With tire coupons, you can save a lot of money on something you need. If you’ll be purchasing tires, something that is unavoidably replaceable, why not use coupons?

Where to find tire coupons

Visit your local mechanic or tire supply store to see if they’re offering any tire specials. Many tire brands offer a reward card after a mail-in rebate that you can access right from the store’s location.

Your local tire shop may also offer coupons for free installation when you buy all four tires there! Check out department stores such as Sears, or memberships such as AAA and Costco, for online tire coupons. For instance, Sears may offer 15% your tire purchase, or 4 tires from a specific brand for $200.

Now that you have your tire coupons, it’s time to get your tires and take good care of them! After all, with such an expense, you want them to last as long as possible.

How to take the best care of your tires

  • To keep your tires in their best condition, be careful on the road. Avoid harsh braking and hitting any curbs. Avoid taking turns too fast as this puts unnecessary stress on your tires.
  • Also, make sure to keep up with your tire rotations, which should be done every 7,500 miles or so.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times. If your tires are under-inflated, they will wear down much quicker.

Tires are a necessary expense, so why not make the best of your purchase with tire coupons?

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