Saving Tips for Maternity Apparel

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Maternity is an exciting time in a woman's life and is full of emotions. Many pregnant women become concerned with how they look and how they will fit into their favorite clothes--not to mention how they'll buy all new clothes! If you're pregnant, worrying about your clothing budget should be the last thing on your mind. With maternity coupons, you can shop your favorite maternity brands, and stay comfortable and stylish up until your little one arrives!

How maternity fashion has evolved over the years

Maternity trends have changed dramatically over the years. Toward the year 1900, pregnancy was not something women were comfortable showing off. So, they wore their regular clothes, possibly adding fabric to adjust to their belly. Many women were kept inside the home during this time, as it wasn't appropriate for pregnant women to be seen outside of the home.

Needless to say, those times didn't last very long. At the turn of the 19th century, Lane Bryant started making affordable, adjustable clothing that was specifically meant for pregnant women. 

Fast-forward to the 1920s, where the very loose-fitting "flapper" styles were a blessing for pregnant women.

The 1950s saw a shift from dresses and casual skirts to business skirt and tops for women. This slowly evolved to the popular A-line skirt style of the 60s, which wasn't as adjustable as past styles.

Maternity fashion changed remarkably in the 1970s during the hippy revolution. Long, flowing, loose dresses became popular. And of course they were comfortable! 

More toward the 1990s, the general attitude of maternity changed, as many women started understanding the pregnant body as something to celebrate. Maternity trends followed suit, developing designs that hugged the belly and showed off curves. 

Today, women are more proud of their baby bumps than ever, and fashion is following right along.

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