Women’s Swimsuits Since 1900 and 10 Tips to Save on Swimwear

How to save money on swimsuits

A guide to saving money on swimsuits

June 30, 2016: Couponbox.com, a rapidly growing savings website, has compiled a list of top ten tips to save money on swimsuits. The informative list can be used to save money on both men’s and women’s swimsuits.

However, according to some estimates women spend billions more than men. In light of this fact, the infographic also focuses on women’s swimwear and features the history of women’s swimsuits since 1900.

Women’s swimwear has come a long way since the turn of the 20th century. Originally, women’s swimsuits were less swimsuit and more heavy woolen dress, nearly impossible to swim in. Today’s g-string bikinis and trikinis are a far cry from these so-called “bathing costumes.”

Women’s swimsuits have become more efficient for actual swimming, and they are made of far less fabric than they were in the 1900s.

Nevertheless, their cost doesn’t seem to be getting any lower as a result.

The average cost of a women’s swimsuit is approximately $78, and women spend about $300 per year replenishing their swimsuit wardrobe.

Although there are many high quality swimsuits available at affordable prices from retailers like Swimsuits Direct, the need for a swimsuit savings guide has never been more apparent than today.

View and share the full set of tips and history of women’s swimsuits with the infographic below and get the best deals and discounts on swimwear on Couponbox.com.

And 10 tips to save money on swimwear!

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