Value of a Dollar Around the World

May 5, 2016: For those planning to cash in their paid time off and travel abroad, it’s important for to see just how far their dollar will take them. To help do this, conducted a study to create a useful infographic that shows the value of a dollar around the world.

The study calculated the value of a dollar abroad based on the purchasing power parity of each country and shows what it would cost to get one dollar’s worth of goods around the world.

For example, a dollar in India would be worth approximately $0.30, whereas in Switzerland it would be worth the equivalent of $1.40. Knowing these details can help travelers plan their budget.

Product Comparisons

Other comparisons made in the study were for a five-mile taxi ride, a can of Coca-Cola, a Snickers bar and a Starbucks Latte. Additionally, the graphic presents the current exchange rates for the each country’s currency to put it all into perspective.

For all the details on the value of a dollar around the world, simply view the infographic below.

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Value of a Dollar Around the World

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