Toy of the Decade Since 1900

Today, toy popularity can change drastically from day to day. The speed of contemporary product marketing makes it possible for a toy to be a celebrity today and a has-been tomorrow. 100 years ago, this was quite rare, and a single toy would often enjoy decades of popularity.

That is not to say that toys today can’t experience enduring popularity. The Rubik’s Cube is an example of a relatively modern toy that has been popular since the 1970s. Super Mario is another example. On top of that, kids don’t only want their favorite dolls and action figures. They also want the DVD, the video game and the mobile app that go along with them.

Retailers like Target, Macy’s and Best Buy know this implicitly and offer a wide range of toys so as not to miss out on sales from upcoming trends. Likewise, Couponbox offers deals and discounts on popular toy brands and the retailers that sell them for the same reason.

The history of toy popularity for the last hundred years is full of many twists and turns and it’s hard to predict exactly which toy will soar to popularity. But one thing remains constant: top toys will come and go, and the next toy star is always right around the corner.

Here is our outline of that popularity plus a beautiful infographic below:

1900s—Crayola Crayons

Classic crayons for school

1910s—Raggedy Ann Dolls

A classic doll still going strong

1920s—Madame Alexander Dolls

The original stylish dressable doll

1930s—Monopoly Board Game

Don't pass go, and don't collect $200!

1940s—Magic 8 Ball

Look into your future

1950s—Mr. Potato Head

Is that a real potato?


Make real art with this classic

1970s—Star Wars Action Figures

One of the original 12 from 1978

1980s—Rubik’s Cube

An enduring and puzzling fave


The grandfather of handheld games

2000s—Nintendo Wii

The wireless controller craze from Nintendo

2015—BB-8 App-enabled Droid

This one deserves a video:

Iconic Toys of the Last 100 Years Infographic

Toy of the Decade Since 1900

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