Women Pay More for Waxing, Men for Manicures

Survey Reveals that Both Men and Women Are “Taxed” for Their Gender

November 3, 2016: According to a recent pricing survey by Couponbox.com, the “pink tax” is real, but so is the “blue tax.” Men pay more on average for hair regrowth treatment, deodorant, suits, sports apparel, manicure kits and dress shoes. Women pay more for moisturizer, vitamins, underwear and waxing kits.

Who pays more for what?

What Is the Pink Tax?

There has been much press about the “pink tax,” a premium that women pay on certain products that are marketed as being specifically for women even though they are identical to the men’s version.

Often, the only difference in the women’s version is the color, pink. The classic example is the razor. Men pay one price for a simple disposable razor. The same razor colored pink for women is more expensive.

This is the pink tax. Women pay more for a product simply because it is labelled “for women.”

What Is the Blue Tax?

So what is the blue tax? Blue tax is the same as the pink tax but in reverse. For example, men pay 38 percent more for hair regrowth treatment than women. Same product, same quantity. Different price because it is labelled for men.

This is the blue tax.

Pink Tax vs. Blue Tax

But how does this apply to randomly selected products? Will we see price increases for all products marketed toward women? That was the goal of the Couponbox.com pricing survey. Who pays more for which products? The results were surprising.

Men pay more for 60 percent of the products surveyed online. As mentioned above, men pay 38 percent more on average for hair regrowth treatment. They also pay 17 percent more for deodorant, 184 percent more for suits, six percent more for sports apparel, 197 percent more for manicure kits and 55 percent more for dress shoes.

Women pay more for 40 percent of the products surveyed online. They pay 317 percent more for moisturizer, 19 percent more for vitamins, 42 percent more for underwear and 47 percent more for waxing kits.

So Who Pays More for What?

As it turns out, men pay more for a larger number of products, but women pay more at a higher rate than men. The average percentage increase for women’s products is 106 percent while the same for men is only 82 percent.

Many retailers, like Target, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s have a wide selection of products to choose from, increasing the possibility that you will get the right price for your needs. Their frequent sales and discounts don’t hurt either.

The Long Road to Gender Equality

It seems that gender equality, at least in terms of consumer products, is a long way off.

Luckily, Couponbox.com is here to look out for your well-being, offering discounts on everything from waxing kits for women and manicure kits for men.

View and share the results of the survey using the infographic above and get discounts on products for both men and women on Couponbox.com. To embed the infographic above on your website simply copy and paste the code below:

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