How Americans Shop Online 2015 Q2

Shopping Behavior Survey

Preferred Shopping Device by Time of Day

According to data, Americans typically shop more with their smartphones in the afternoon, with 49 percent of users shopping on their mobile devices (excluding tablets) between 8 pm and 10 pm.

Desktops were the preferred device for online shopping earlier in the day, with 49 percent shopping between 10 am and noon. Tablets were found to be the least popular method overall.

Online Shoppers by Sex

The data also shows that women are more likely to shop on line than men throughout the day, regardless of time of day. Since online shoppers tend to be more savvy of coupon deals and other discounts, this is compelling evidence that women are the smarter sex.

It turns out that women were also shown to to be more tech savvy, with the majority of female users shopping online with their smartphones. Men had an similar likelihood to shop with their smartphones (45 percent) as they were with desktops (48 percent).

For more interesting data on how Americans shop, including breakdowns by age and most popular days of the week to shop, view the infographic below.

How Americans Shop Online 2015 Q2

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