Hanoi, Vietnam, Is the World’s Most Affordable Beer City

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A survey of the world’s 32 best beer cities

June 8, 2016: Couponbox.com, a rapidly growing coupon portal, has conducted a study of the world’s best beer cities and has determined, surprisingly, that Hanoi, Vietnam, is the world’s most affordable beer city. 12 ounces of beer in Hanoi will set you back only $0.53.

The study selected 32 cities based on their special relationship to beer and compared the daily costs to visit each city, not including travel. Daily costs included a three-star hotel for two, four local beers per person (eight total) and a fancy beer-themed dinner. The daily cost to visit Hanoi is $26.95, almost 800% more than the daily cost of the most expensive beer city, Boston, at $241.97.

Hanoi is not globally recognized as one of the world’s best beer cities, but during Couponbox.com’s detailed research, they have discovered that the city has a strong tradition of brewing German- and Czech-style beers.

The study also found that the Vietnamese love their beer, and they love it fresh. Bia hoi or “fresh beer” is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. It is a light, refreshing beer that is brewed in the same day that it is consumed.

Not only does the city have the cheapest beer of all Couponbox.com’s 32 best beer cities, it also has a growing craft beer and microbrewery scene. Like other cities around the world, craft beer is more expensive in Hanoi than the traditional beers you find at the older brewpubs and bia hoi stands. These craft beers can clock in at $2.00 per glass, expensive by Hanoi standards.

Other interesting results of the study were that the cheapest beer city in the UK is Sheffield. The cheapest in North America is Mexico City. And the cheapest beer cities in the US are tied between Denver, Tampa, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Portland, Oregon.

Marco Piu, general manager for Couponbox.com was available for comment and said, “Americans love beer. This is no secret. They are in large part responsible for the global craft beer boom that has stretched across the world to cities like Hanoi, Rome, Munich, and Melbourne, Australia, to name a few.”

“As more Americans travel overseas each year, we thought it would be helpful for them to know where to enjoy one of their favorite beverages and how much it would cost to do so. Our selection of the world’s 32 best beer cities might surprise some beer novices. But the experts know that our cities are on the list for a reason.”

Each of Couponbox.com’s 32 best beer cities has been selected for its special relationship to beer. For example, Japan’s beer vending machines have been a cultural staple since at least the early nineties.

View and share the results of the “It’s Beer O’Clock Somewhere” survey below, and get discounts and deals for beer lovers at Couponbox.com.

Cost to Visit the World's Best Beer Cities

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