Eating Healthy Can Help Consumers Save Thousands of Dollars

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Nutrition experts help dieters save big money

June 11, 2016: According to a recent study conducted by, a rapidly growing coupon portal, in partnership with MyProtein, an international manufacturer of sports nutrition products, eating healthy can help consumers save thousands of dollars each year.

The study was conducted by comparing a hypothetical “couch potato diet” to the diets recommended by MyProtein for four different athlete types: the bodybuilder, the fitness model, the professional football player and the strongman competitor.

Understanding that adhering to a strict diet of either fast food or healthy food is not the norm for most American consumers, the researchers’ goals were to provide a frame of reference for dietary costs in general.

The results of the study show that a predominantly fast food and take-out diet can cost 193 percent as much as a diet consisting of predominantly fresh, home-cooked meals. This means that a healthy diet can cost almost 50 percent less than an unhealthy diet.

According to the study, the cost of a couch potato diet is $16,016 per year; a bodybuilder diet is $8,476; a fitness model diet is $8,632; a professional football player diet is $9,048 and a strongman competitor diet is $8,268.

Marco Piu, general manager of, offered insight into the study with the following comment: “Because of the increasing time constraints that most consumers face daily, fast food is often more than a convenience. It is a necessity. However, what we save in time, we pay for in dollars. Our study demonstrates this very clearly.”

“Naturally, it takes quite a bit of time and discipline to eat like a professional athlete. Keeping that in mind, the study does not suggest that any diet is superior to another. The goal of the study was to highlight the differences in cost between each diet,” Piu added. “I believe that the study was very successful in doing exactly that.”

Nutrition is a very personal subject, and it is generally applied on an individual basis. It is not an exact science, and every new diet and fitness regimen should be undertaken in conjunction with a healthcare professional.

Cost of Eating Healthy

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