Don’t Burn Cash on Your Grill

How to save money on meat

A complete guide to steaks: pricing, grill tips and more

July 27, 2016: Americans consume more than 56 pounds of beef every year, and over 71 percent of American grill owners cook steaks on their grills. Considering the difficulty of grilling the perfect steak every time, compiled a comprehensive guide to beef pricing, grill tips and market information to help consumer save money and make informed decisions when buying beef.

According to the guide, Wegmans has the best prices per pound for prime cuts of beef ($14.50) out of more than 20 top supermarkets. FreshDirect was is second place ($14.75), followed by Lowes Foods ($15.55).

The regions in America with the lowest average prices per pound for all cuts of beef are the West ($5.44) and Midwest ($5.44), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, the Northeast ($5.67) and the South were not far behind ($5.57).’s research also found that Americans don’t grill enough, only grilling around main spring and summer holidays.

87 percent of grill owners grill on the Fourth of July. 75 percent fire up the coals on Memorial Day. 74 percent turn on the gas on Labor Day, and 55 percent on Fathers Day.

Grill lovers can add other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Christmas and Thanksgiving to their grill schedule and get more use out of their grill. With the average price of a gas grill at around $365, increasing use during these holidays can reduce costs from $91.25 to $45.63 per use.

The guide also includes a section called “Don’t Burn Your Beef!” which walks readers through the nine essential elements of grilling to help ensure that every steak is grilled perfectly and money is never wasted on burnt steaks.

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Everything you need to know about saving money on grilling.

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