What Is the Cost of Eating Healthy?

June 7, 2016: The cost of eating healthy seems to be getting more expensive every year. And with so many competing theories about what eating healthy actually means, choosing the right nutrition plan is getting more complicated.

To make it easier for consumers to eat healthy and save money while doing it, Couponbox.com partnered with MyProtein to create a guide to eating healthy based on the diets of professional athletes.

The guide is based on the diet and supplement regimens of four hypothetical athlete types as suggested by the nutrition experts at MyProtein.

Couponbox.com then conducted a survey of each diet’s cost and compared them to a hypothetical “Couch Potato” diet. The results were then summed up in an easy-to-use infographic.

The Four Athlete Types

Each of the four suggested diets were created around four hypothetical athlete types, the Bodybuilder, the Fitness Model, the Pro Football Player and the Strongman. Each of these nutrition plans came out to be thousands of dollars cheaper per year than the Couch Potato diet, which had a cost of $16,016 annually.

The Bodybuilder diet was a healthy 47 percent cheaper at $8,476 . The Fitness Model diet weighed in at 46 percent cheaper at $8,632. The Pro Football Player diet kicked off at 43 percent cheaper at $9,048. And the Strongman diet was a powerful 48 percent cheaper at $8,268.

Create Your Own Nutrition Plan

Each diet was formulated by the experts at MyProtein and includes the right amount of food and supplements for each athlete type.

Naturally, these diets are not necessarily right for everyone. Always consult with your personal nutritionist or physician before changing your diet. The guide is meant to be used for reference rather than a strict nutrition plan.

All prices are current as of June 2016 and were compiled by Couponbox.com from available data from supermarkets and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

View the full details of the survey in the infographic below, and find the best prices on groceries and nutrition supplements on Couponbox.com.

Cost of Eating Healthy

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