Celebrate Safely with Fireworks This Fourth of July

June 15, 2016: People have been celebrating special events with fireworks for hundreds of years. However, since the American Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence, Americans have adopted the practice to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Since then, fireworks technology has become much more sophisticated and accessible. Consumers all over the country can enjoy fireworks relatively freely. Naturally, there are some exceptions to this freedom. Some states and localities restrict firework use completely or in part.

Fireworks Safety

The reason behind these restrictions are usually safety-related. The restrictions are there for a good reason. More than 200 people end up in the emergency room around the Fourth of July.

Due to the size of the country and the numerous local and state laws that may affect consumer use of fireworks, it can be difficult to know what the rules are.

Fireworks Infographic

Couponbox.com has compiled an easy-to-use infographic that provides important information about laws, statistics and safety tips related to fireworks. The graphic includes a map of which states allow fireworks. However, it is always best to check with local law enforcement before buying or using fireworks.

For anyone celebrating the Fourth or any other special event, the infographic is a must-see and extremely useful tool. Fines for misusing fireworks can exceed $1,000, which would surely put a damper on the party.

If you are planning your next party to include fireworks, be sure to view and share the infographic below. Get the best deals and discounts on party items from retailers like Party City at Couponbox.com.

Independence Day

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