Baby products up to 80% more expensive than regular products

  • 80% of comparable products are more expensive on the baby aisle
  • Skin oil and cotton buds are almost double the price
  • Some baby products, such as wet wipes are significantly cheaper than the ‘adult’ equivalent

It seems the cotton wool is being pulled over consumers’ eyes as new research reveals baby products are between 16%-80% more expensive than similar regular products.

The research, conducted by money saving website, reviewed Walgreens baby products alongside Walgreens regular products*. 80% of the products examined are far cheaper when purchased from the adult aisle. This includes products which are seemingly identical, such as cotton buds and talcum powder, both almost over double the price when purchased as baby products.

Adult price comparison

Baby price comparison

A switch to regular products could offer huge savings per shop. Skin oil offers the biggest cost saving, where baby oil can be purchased for 80% less than the cheapest oil for babies. However, the difference in price also descends when purchasing specific baby products. The largest difference is with wet wipes, with a huge increase in cost coming from ‘regular’ products available at Walgreens.

Wet wipes and disposable bags are amongst the items of significant price difference as consumers can find the baby alternatives at half the price.

The three products where the regular products come out cheaper than their baby counterparts include shampoo and bubble bath, which are both 42% cheaper, and toothpaste which is 35% cheaper.

Sezer Yurdakul, Couponbox Head of Marketing says: “It seems unreasonable that there is such a big variation in prices between baby and regular products, especially for those products which appear to be identical. It’s proof that it’s worth checking other aisles for better deals before making your purchase. Online shopping is perfect for this as you can see all the relevant products and prices right in front of you. Plus you get the added bonus of utilising great discount codes at the same time.”

Check out the latest offers at Walgreens, and sign up for an alert so you never miss an exclusive Walgreens deal again.

*Prices correct as of 11th July 2017,

[Update] September: The “Sweet Spot” for Affordable European Travel

Experts Weigh In on the “Trump Travel Effect,” Offer Savings Tips

June 22, 2017, NEW YORK – Advance bookings for summer travel this year are down 3.4 percent overall and 20 percent for bookings from the Middle East according to a report Tuesday by the New York Times.

According to MGM Resorts International CEO James Murren, the chilling words of Trump’s travel ban have the potential to put a freeze on the $250-billion US Travel and Tourism industry.

“Travel and Tourism is our most important export,” Murren said. “It’s really critical to understand that people coming to the United States, spending their money here, helping middle class jobs, improving our economy, is really critical. And [the travel ban] is counter to letting this country grow.”

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg stock index for US-based airlines has risen 6.5 percent and many major US airlines plan to increase international service at the end of 2017, indicating that American demand for summer travel abroad is continues to rise.

Some experts project that Trump’s travel ban will not only hurt the US Travel and Tourism Industry, it will also contribute to rising costs for travel in the European Union.

Additionally, overall demand for European travel is expected to grow in 2017 which will add to the effect.

Travel Now, Spend Less: Hit the Sweet Spot

If demand for US travel continues to decline, Europe and the rest of the world will pick up the slack. Naturally, this will lead to higher travel costs.

Therefore, now is the time to put some mileage on your passport, before Trump’s travel ban makes prices soar.

To help counteract the “Trump Travel effect,” coupon and savings portal Couponbox offers the following top seven cities for affordable end-of-summer travel in Europe.

The sweet spot for affordable European Travel is September 16th to the 23rd, according to Couponbox research. Book now for that time period and save big on flights and hotels.

Top 7 Cities for Affordable End-of-Summer Travel in Europe 2017

As you know from our previous articles on travel, one of the most important rules of finding the cheapest flights is…

Book in advance!

That’s how we found these end-of-summer deals* on

Get them now before they run out!

*Hotel prices are per night for seven nights for two in a three-star hotel (or better) with free breakfast and internet in the city center. Flight prices are per person, round-trip from NYC.

All prices are updated regularly and subject to availability.

[The update below is from June 28, 2017]

For the latest updates click here

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos Ocean View

Best hotel: $103.00⇑

Best summer flight, 9/10-9/17 (one stop): $639.00⇒

Total cost for trip two: $1,999.00 (⇑ $294 from $1,705)


Berlin, Germany

Berlin Reichstag

Best hotel: $52.00⇓

Best summer flight, 9/23-9/30 (one stop): $510.00⇓

Total cost for trip two: $1,384.00 (⇓ $307 from $1,691)


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon by Night

Best hotel: $71.00⇒

Best summer flight, 9/19-9/26 (one stop): $514.00⇒

Total cost for trip two: $1,525.00 (⇒ $2 from $1,523)


Valencia, Spain

Lake in Valencia

Best hotel: $58.00⇒

Best summer flight, 9/20-9/27 (one stop): $483.00⇒

Total cost for trip two: $1,372.00 (⇒ $2 from $1,370)


Krakow, Poland

Krakow Street

Best hotel: $54.00⇒

Best summer flight, 9/17-9/24 (one stop): $596.00⇑

Total cost for trip two: $1,570.00 (⇑ $233 from $1,337)


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Bridges Sunset

Best hotel: $24.00⇓

Best summer flight, 9/13-7/20 (one stop): $508.00⇒

Total cost for trip two: $1,184.00 (⇓ $98 from $1,282)


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest River Daytime

Best hotel: $22.00⇓

Best summer flight, 9/20-9/27 (one stop): $504.00⇓

Total cost for trip two: $1,162.00 (⇓ $79 from 1,241.00)



Summer party

Couponbox’s Ultimate Summer Party Guide

Summer party season is upon us. As the weather starts heating up our weekend plans are beginning to move from the warmth of our houses to the sunny backyard. Barbecues, pool parties, rooftop shindigs – they’re the best thing about summer.

But sometimes the cost of food, alcohol, decorations and entertainment doesn’t do your wallet any good. The costs can add up fast the more guests you invite, and you can’t leave out loved ones.

Couponbox are all about saving you money, and we know how to spare you some dollar from every aspect of your summer party this year.

We’ve created a survey to see what you are most likely to spend your money on when you throw a summer party and provided you with some top tips to save on your party.


How do American’s spend their summer party budget?

Our findings showed us that 45% of American’s who plan to have a summer party will spend between $100 and $300 on their celebrations, with a further 20% spending between $300 and $600.

But what do we spend our money on? 60% of American’s focus on food with that being their main expense, and 22% spend lots of money on alcohol for their guests.

33% say that decorations are the party-essential they spend the least amount of money on.

Summer parties are kept relatively small with 75% of those surveyed saying they would invite under 50 guests.

As Couponbox are keen savers, we asked what the party-throwers will do with any leftover waste from the party. In true saver style, 36% of American’s will use the leftovers for themselves, with 20% saving it for next year and 13% recycling it.


How can you save money on your summer party?

Buy online – There are often huge discounts to be had when buying online, and everything gets delivered to your door

Buy in bulk – Hopefully you know how many guests are coming, so buy all of your food and alcohol in bulk to save on cost

Use coupons – Another benefit to buying online – Couponbox has thousands of coupons for online shops that will serve your every party need

Measure per person to avoid waste – If you know how many people are coming, calculate how much food and alcohol you need per person to avoid waste and save money

Brew your own beer – why not start a new hobby while you’re at it? We have tons of Northern Brewer coupons to kick-start your beer-brewing career

Ask guests to bring a dish – It sounds simple but most of the time, people actually enjoy making a dish and bringing it along. It’ll save you a lot of cash too.

Take a look at the infographic for a visualization of our summer party guide:




Mother’s Days Around the World 2017/2018

March 31, 2017: According to research conducted by, Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world on 32 separate dates each year.

That’s only 8.77 percent of the year, although most people only celebrate Mother’s Day once.

Considering that mothers work non-stop for their families 365 days a year, that doesn’t seem right.

For this reason, Couponbox has created an international calendar featuring Mother’s Day dates in 161 sovereign nations around the world alongside facts and figures about the holiday.

We hope that the calendar inspires Mother’s Day shoppers to celebrate the mothers in their life every day, not just once per year.

Mother's Day Around The World
Mothers Day Calendar

Students and Schools Across the Country Awarded for Kindness

Kid Kindness

Couponbox Announces Kid Kindness Month Contest Winners

Febraury 20, 2017: Couponbox announced three winners today for its First Annual Kid Kindness Month Contest. The international coupon portal created the contest for elementary and secondary school students to win $1,000 to implement their kindness project and an additional $1,000 to support their sponsoring school or organization.

Three projects and schools won prizes for the 2017 Kid Kindness Month Contest:

Help St. Jude’s Children, a project submitted by Lily Caraballo, Abigail Gniech, Nisa Cabrera, Emily Míreles and Marisol Lopez from Namaste Charter High School in Chicago, IL, will donate books, toys and hot meals to the families and children of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

2017 Service Project (for the Canton Fire Department), submitted by Caden Koehn from Canton High School in Canton, OK, will help the fire department during the high fire danger days of summer by providing supplies to the volunteer firefighters.

You Can Be a Problem Solver or You Can Be a Problem Causer (for the Flint Michigan Water Crisis), submitted by Katie Rusinek from Holy Family Catholic School in Grand Blanc, MI, will donate their prize to the Safe Water, Safe Homes Fund, which provides aid to the community of Flint, MI, during the ongoing water crisis there.

“We were overwhelmed by the acts of kindness the kids outlined in their entries,” said Marco Piu of Couponbox. “When the contest first started, we had high expectations, but as the deadline for entries drew near, we found that those expectations had been exceeded. We are grateful for all the entries, which were quite inspiring, and we are even more grateful that the voting system was in place to choose the winners—a task that would have been difficult for any panel of judges.”

“We look forward very much to next year’s contest,” added Piu, “which we hope will get even more entries and will reach an even wider audience, spreading kindness from coast to coast.”

Kid Kindness Month prizes from Couponbox will be awarded to the winning entries via 10x digital, the digital marketing agency which helped promote the contest. The agency itself will also award the fourth-place entry, Frank Zwolinski’s Home Orphanage in Peru, with a $500 prize as a part of its own Kid Kindness Month Honorable Mention Award.

About the Kid Kindness Month Contest

Couponbox sponsored the Kid Kindness Month Contest to inspire and recognize acts of kindness by our next generation. To enter the Kid Kindness Month Contest, kids aged 7-13 who live in the US submitted an entry—with video, text and/or photos—describing how they would spend $1,000 to spread kindness or help a group of people or cause. Kids were able to submit individually, as a group or as a class with a sponsoring organization such as a school or religious group.

About Couponbox
Couponbox is an international online discount company that creates shopping experiences with added value, helping shoppers save money by providing coupons and deals for stores such as Michaels, JCPenney and Kohl’s.

Spring break beach

The ultimate Spring Break budget guide: Where to stay, eat and drink for less

‘Home’ is America’s third most popular Spring Break destination

Money saving website has conducted research to discover the 5 most popular spring break destinations and the best low cost places to stay, eat and drink.

The survey asked 400 American’s across the country where their favorite place to vacation across the Americas is over spring break. Surprisingly, staying right at home came in as the third most popular place to spend spring break. The research also found that 14 – 17 year olds go on spring break to relax, while 18 – 34 year olds take their break to enjoy the beaches. Here are the five most popular places to go for spring break:


  1. Miami Beach, Florida

The most popular place to take spring break is Miami, Florida. Whether South Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Panama City, Florida overall won the popular vote amongst those surveyed by a long way.

So how much does it cost to vacay in Miami? We’ve dug out some great deals on places to stay this year.

Stay here: Alden Hotel, $683 for 7 nights from Fri 3rd – 10th March 2017

Eat here: The Social Club, best American dining in Miami for around $12 a dish

Drink here: Bocce Bar has cocktail happy hour every day from 4 – 7pm

Average price of 2* hotel: $185 per night

Average price of 3* hotel: $207 per night


  1. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun in Mexico comes in second as the most popular Spring Break destination across the United States. It’s beautiful beaches, incredible food and affordable prices make it a popular destination. We’ve had a look at the best spots to make the most of your stay:

Stay here: Adhara Hacienda Cancun, $580 for 7 nights from Fri 3rd – 10th March 2017

Eat here: Los Arcos, an iconic and affordable downtown restaurant, tacos from $3

Drink here: Viento Bar and Grill, have a great happy hour from 3 – 4pm at their swim-up bar

Average price of 2* hotel: $172 per night

Average price of 3* hotel: $259 per night


  1. Home

Perhaps surprisingly, the third most popular place to spend Spring Break is right at home. Instead of planning and paying for a trip, savvy American’s opt to stay in their own habitat to enjoy some downtime. We’ve still got some great tips for those planning to spend the break in their own backyard.

Buy this: Giant inflatable pool for the whole family from $44.95

Eat this: Use Grubhub to order your favorite food straight to your home

Drink this: Premium beer home brewing kit – because it wouldn’t be spring break without bad beer


  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With over 60 miles of gorgeous beaches with sparkling blue water and white sand, it’s little surprise that this affordable coast city in South Carolina is the 4th most popular spring break destination for American’s. Here’s the low down on the top spots for your visit:

Stay here: Westgate Myrtle Beach Resort, from $672 for 7 nights from Fri 3rd – 10th March 2017

Eat here: Sea Blue Restaurant, the best seafood in town for around $15 for a main

Drink here: The Market Common has happy hour from 4 – 7pm daily

Average price of 2* hotel: $94 per night

Average price of 3* hotel: $108 per night


  1. San Diego, California

Over the last 5 years San Diego’s gorgeous beaches, excellent night life and culinary delights has made it an up and coming hotspot for spring breakers. We’ve dug out the best and most affordable spots in the city:

Stay here: AirBnB has some incredible deals with entire apartments from $444 for 7 nights from Fri 3rd – 10th March 2017

Eat here: Phil’s BBQ has the best selection of classic American eats for about $12 a main

Drink here: The Lion’s Share has a great happy hour from 4 – 6pm daily

Average price of 2* hotel: $211 per night

Average price of 3* hotel: $245 per night


We’ve got loads of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for those of you who are staying at home and want to indulge yourselves.



How to Choose a Gift According to Science

5 Proven Ways Not to Screw Up Your Next Gift

January 16, 2017: According to a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, we’ve all got gift-giving backwards. The research claims that we tend to give gifts that are more pleasurable for givers to give, rather than to give gifts that are pleasurable for the recipient to receive.

The study states that givers want to impress the recipient at the moment of giving. This is probably even more true on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, when wowing with gifts are the norm. According to the study, gift recipients want to receive things that “provide value over time,” which is in direct opposition to the instincts of gift givers.

Naturally, in gift-giving, the focus should be on the recipient, since the gift is intended for them and not for the giver. However, this doesn’t change the fact that gift givers want to enjoy the feeling of giving a wildly stunning gift that lights up the face of the recipient, especially on birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

So what kind of gifts can make both the giver and the receiver happy on holidays, birthdays and all year round? To answer that question, Couponbox put together the following list of tips on how to give the right gift…

…according to science.

#1. Educational Gifts

Almost everyone wants to improve their lives, and education is one of the best ways to do that. If the best gifts are those that provide value over long periods of time, then there is likely no better gift than those that educate. Some popular educational gifts include the following:

  1. Language Lessons – Learning a new language is a surefire way to improve your life, including improving your relationships and career.
  2. Career-building Courses – Speaking of improving careers, if you know the career goals of your gift’s recipient (and you should), enrolling them in a certificate program or online course that will enhance their career or job prospects is the gift that keeps on giving.

#2. Experiential Gifts

According to the recommendations of the Tepper School of Business researchers, experiential gifts are among those that provide the most long-term value. We suggest the possibly life-altering and unforgettable options below.

  1. Nature Tours – There is nature and then there is Nature. A visit to natural sites like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and the Redwood National Park can create memories that will last forever, making for gifts with truly long-term value.
  2. Skydiving – Jumping out of a tiny plane at 10,000 feet will surely be the among the highlights of one’s life, whether you find it exhilarating or nauseating. Get this gift for anyone, and they will never forget it (or you).
  3. Rock Climbing – Nothing says “I love you” like dangling from a precipice by a rope.

#3. Utilitarian Gifts

As the study mentions quite clearly, gifts such as a vacuum cleaner will be well used by and be of long-term value to recipients. But that doesn’t mean we should give everyone a vacuum cleaner. Choose a utilitarian gift according to your recipient’s hobbies, interests and lifestyle, and you’ll be sure to make them happy over the long haul.

  1. Cookware – For the budding or seasoned chefs (pun intended) in your life, choosing valuable gifts for the kitchen is easy. Simply check out their drawers while they’re not looking and get them whatever’s missing.
  2. Home Furnishings – Everyone can use a lifestyle upgrade every now and then. Instead of getting basic home furnishings as gifts like candles or picture frames, give your loved one something more substantial. Give the gift of space with new wall shelves or a standing bookshelf to help them organize their homes and their lives.
  3. Automotive Care – Your car-owning friends and family will love and remember you forever if you get them gifts like a year’s worth of car washes or an EZ-Pass subscription.

#4. Health- and Nutrition-based Gifts

Whether you are a health nut in January as a part of a New Year’s resolution or have health concerns that you must address year round, health- and nutrition-based gifts can provide long-term value for your mind, body and spirit. Try some of these:

  1. Fitness Apparel and Gadgets Wearables are all the rage, as we’ve noted in our own research. Not only do they help keep track of your fitness and health, they can also be quite stylish as accessories and make for great gifts with long-term value.
  2. Personal Trainer – Sometimes we need a bit of external motivation to help keep us in shape. Why not get your health-conscious gift recipient a year’s contract with a personal trainer? Who doesn’t want to wake up at 6am for a run and with a personal trainer who pushes them to go the extra mile? Access to a personal trainer for a year will not only provide long-term value as a gift on its own, but it will also provide value long after the personal trainer leaves by building healthy habits.
  3. Yoga Membership – The health benefits of staying flexible are numerous, and nothing develops flexibility quite like Yoga. A year-long Yoga membership’s value as a gift is two-fold. First, regular access to a Yoga studio can motivate you to keep stretching. Second, after a year of Yoga, your gift recipient will likely have the Yoga poses memorized so that they can do them at home for free. And there’s nothing better than free Yoga!

Of course, everyone has different tastes, so the suggestions above may not work for everyone, but the principal is the same. The most important element in gift-giving is knowing the recipient. That being said, the final gift category on this list is practically universal. It’s almost 99 percent certain that your gift recipient will love…


Which brings us to number five:

#5. Chocolate Gifts

Although chocolate doesn’t give much long-term value (unless one of your long-term goals is to put on a few extra pounds), recent research by shows that Americans spend approximately $21 billion yearly on chocolate and weigh in at number five worldwide for yearly per capita consumption with 12.5 pounds.

Additionally, according to a Couponbox survey, 32.7 percent of Americans associate Valentine’s Day with chocolate, beating out both Easter and Christmas.

However, your chocolate gift doesn’t have to be a box of that brown, bittersweet goodness. Keeping in line with the Carnegie Mellon University research, you can give educational, experiential and even health- and fitness-related chocolate gifts that provide more value over time than a mere box of chocolates.

  1. Chocolate Factory Tour – Couponbox research shows that Hershey’s is the market leader of chocolate manufacturers in the US with 44 percent. Their “Hershey’s Chocolate World” attraction in Hershey, PA is a great gift to give the chocolate lovers in your life.
  2. Cocoa Plantation Visit – For your more adventurous chocolate lovers, you can buy them a trip to one of the world’s top cocoa bean producing countries, Ivory Coast and Ghana. A visit to one of the many cocoa bean farms in those countries would be eye-opening and memorable.
  3. Sugar-free Chocolate – For the health-conscious chocolate lovers out there, there are plenty of options to sate their desire for tasty morsels of cocoa. Russel Stover, one of the top 5 US Chocolate Manufacturers, is the biggest producer of sugar-free chocolate, perfect for anyone watching their figure.

If a chocolate gift is your thing any time this year, be sure to share this article and our beautiful and informative chocolate infographic:

Chocolate for Valentine's Day

To embed the infographic above on your website simply copy and paste the code below:

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