Best Beer Cities of the World: What Do They Cost?

May 31, 2016: Due to America’s great love of beer, compiled a useful beer index infographic that shows the daily cost of 32 of the world’s best beer cities. The costs do not include flights since travel costs can vary greatly depending on departure city.

Costs include daily beer consumption for two people, a three-star hotel in the city center and a beer-themed dinner.

Most Affordable Beer Cities

The most expensive city beer city in the world was Boston, with a daily cost of $241.97. The cheapest was Hanoi, with a cost of only $26.95 per day.

In Europe, the most affordable beer city was Prague ($60.53 per day). In the UK, the most affordable is Newcastle ($102.10). In Africa, it’s Cape Town ($56.18), and in North America it’s Mexico City ($54.73).

The beer index is a great travel tool for beer-lovers, but it is also useful for people interested in alternative travel themes.

Beer Consumption in America

Per capita, Americans drink 20.36 gallons (77.1 liters) of beer per year, which makes them the 14th biggest beer-drinking nation.

The nation also has approximately 4,000 breweries, including craft beer breweries, across the 50 states—the highest number of breweries in any country in the world. selected the world’s best beer cities based on a variety of factors, including number of breweries and bars, per capita consumption, history, special beer types or anything else that makes them stand out.

View and share the complete survey results in the infographic below and get the best deals on beer and other beverages on

Cost to Visit the World's Best Beer Cities

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