Back to School Spending and Savings

Savings tips for teacher and parents

Research shows parents and teachers overspending

August 1, 2016: According to recent research, parents and teachers spend approximately $1.6 billion per year on school supplies. This spending is in spite of the fact that through a combination of local, state and federal funding, the nation’s school’s receive $500 billion per year.

This means that parents and teachers each spend thousands of dollars every year on school and classroom supplies. In light of these startling facts, researched the best school supply savings techniques and compiled them in an infographic.

The infographic serves as a handbook and quick reference tool for both teachers and parents who are looking to save money on school supplies all year round.

In addition to the top ten tips to save money on school supplies, the guide ranks the 50 states by the ratio of teacher salaries to cost of living for both single and married teachers. The ranking shows that Alaska and New Mexico are the best states for teachers. Oklahoma, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Washington DC ranked lowest.

View and share the full infographic below and save money on top brands, like Scholastic, and more on

How to Save Money on School Supplies


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