Baby products up to 80% more expensive than regular products

  • 80% of comparable products are more expensive on the baby aisle
  • Skin oil and cotton buds are almost double the price
  • Some baby products, such as wet wipes are significantly cheaper than the ‘adult’ equivalent

It seems the cotton wool is being pulled over consumers’ eyes as new research reveals baby products are between 16%-80% more expensive than similar regular products.

The research, conducted by money saving website, reviewed Walgreens baby products alongside Walgreens regular products*. 80% of the products examined are far cheaper when purchased from the adult aisle. This includes products which are seemingly identical, such as cotton buds and talcum powder, both almost over double the price when purchased as baby products.

Adult price comparison

Baby price comparison

A switch to regular products could offer huge savings per shop. Skin oil offers the biggest cost saving, where baby oil can be purchased for 80% less than the cheapest oil for babies. However, the difference in price also descends when purchasing specific baby products. The largest difference is with wet wipes, with a huge increase in cost coming from ‘regular’ products available at Walgreens.

Wet wipes and disposable bags are amongst the items of significant price difference as consumers can find the baby alternatives at half the price.

The three products where the regular products come out cheaper than their baby counterparts include shampoo and bubble bath, which are both 42% cheaper, and toothpaste which is 35% cheaper.

Sezer Yurdakul, Couponbox Head of Marketing says: “It seems unreasonable that there is such a big variation in prices between baby and regular products, especially for those products which appear to be identical. It’s proof that it’s worth checking other aisles for better deals before making your purchase. Online shopping is perfect for this as you can see all the relevant products and prices right in front of you. Plus you get the added bonus of utilising great discount codes at the same time.”

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*Prices correct as of 11th July 2017,