Aldi Supermarket Saves the Most Money in a Single Shopping Trip

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Pricing survey makes it easier to save on groceries

June 13, 2016: According to a recent pricing study conducted by, a rapidly growing coupon portal, the Aldi supermarket chain saves shoppers the most money in a single trip.

The study was conducted at five of the most popular grocery store chains in the United States, and it determined which common products were the most affordable and most expensive at each.

While Aldi was the most cost-effective and efficient place to shop for groceries, the study revealed that other supermarket chains had the lowest price on certain items that were more expensive at Aldi.

These include chicken breast at Publix, canned tuna at Walmart, olive oil at Trader Joe’s and ice cream at Kroger.

Other highlights of the study show that Trader Joe’s has the cheapest price on beer, $0.66 per can, while Kroger has the most expensive, $0.97 per can.

When asked about the value of the study, general manager, Marco Piu, commented that “the average American doesn’t have time to spend delving into the details of pricing at supermarkets and other retail stores.”

“Prices on specific items can fluctuate a great deal, making it even more difficult and time-consuming to make pricing comparisons at a meaningful level. performs these studies so that shoppers don’t have to,” he said.

View and share the survey results in the handy infographic below and find great deals and discounts on groceries at

Which supermarket saves you the most money?

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