Kids, Join Us in Spreading Kindness This January!

A group of volunteers, including children, working together on a project

January 2017 is the first annual Kid Kindness Month. Investing in our youth to make a difference will positively impact future generations. Through small acts of kindness, we can all cultivate an attitude of compassion for others--promoting happiness and life satisfaction. It's important that we work to enrich and improve the lives of those around us to make this world a better place to live.

Kid Kindness month represents an opportunity for a brand new year to spread kindness throughout our communities.

Many schools and organizations across the US host service projects each year. The Kid Kindness Contest project cannot only be labeled as a service project, it can kick-off an annual Kindness project for schools, groups and kids who participate.

Ideas to Celebrate Kid Kindness Month

Although Kid Kindness month is in January, it represents an opportunity to spread kindness throughout the year in our communities.