Stop paying more because of your gender

The battle of the sexes seems never-ending, but you don’t have to let it affect your wallet.

The gender tax is real.

You’ve probably only heard of the Pink Tax that women pay. However, men are also taxed for their gender, sometimes even more often than women are. This is called the Blue Tax.

As a service to our readers, we decided to research which gender pays more for which products.

To do this, we first selected 10 product categories that are marketed toward both women and men. Next, we recorded the prices of random, anonymous brands in these categories, then calculated and compared the average price of each for both male and female versions.

Hair Regrowth Treatment – Blue Tax – 37 Percent

hair loss treatment

Men pay about 37 percent more to regrow hair than women. Talk about adding insult to injury. Not only do men lose their hair, but they have to a premium on it as well.

Deodorant – Blue Tax – 17 Percent

Men pay 17 percent more for deodorant than women, which is not a huge price difference, but still significant. Do masculine perfumes cost more to produce?

Moisturizer – Pink Tax – 317 Percent

moisturizer pink tax

If you think that’s bad, when it comes to moisturizer, women pay a whopping 317 percent more than men per ounce. Perhaps a woman’s skin is drier than a man’s and the extra cost is for the extra moisture? It seems unlikely however.

Sports Apparel – Blue Tax – Six Percent

The smallest difference between the pricing of the sexes is for generic sports apparel like hooded sweatshirts—six percent. This almost seems reasonable

Suits – Blue Tax – 184 Percent

Suits Blue Tax

Men pay more for suits than women. 184 percent more to be exact. That’s almost triple the amount women pay. Since men’s suits arguably have more fabric than women’s, but probably not triple the amount.

Manicure Kit – Blue Tax – 197 Percent

Men pay 197 percent more than women do for manicure kits. This is a strange one since most men’s manicure kits include fewer items.

Vitamins – Pink Tax – 19 Percent

Vitamins Pink Tax

Women pay 19 percent more for vitamins than men, which could imply that women’s nutrition is more expensive than men’s.

Underwear – Pink Tax – 42 Percent

Women pay 42 percent more for underwear than men. This is especially strange since women’s underwear is typically made with less fabric.

Shoes – Blue Tax – 55 Percent

Blue Tax Shoes

Men pay 55 percent more for shoes than women. Men have bigger feet, and need more material so their shoes cost more? It’s a possibility.

Waxing Kit – Pink Tax – 47 Percent

Women pay 47 percent more for waxing kits than men. You would think that men would pay more for this since they technically have more hair to wax.

The Gender Tax: Who Pays More?

According to these results, men pay more for a higher percentage of the products surveyed (60 percent), but women pay a higher average increase: 106 percent compared to 82 percent for men.

The trophy for lowest gender tax goes to the boys, six percent for sporting apparel. The award for highest gender tax goes to the girls, 317 percent for moisturizer.

How to Avoid Gender Tax

The good news is that these numbers are just averages. Some brands offer gender equality for these products. Now that we have made you aware this issue, you can avoid it. The next time that you are in the market for one of these items, be sure to remember this article.

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