How to Celebrate and Save on the Fourth of July

For most Americans, the Fourth of July is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy some extra time off. It is the most popular national holiday and also considered to be one of the laziest. But that doesn’t mean you should just sit around and waste time.

The following tips can save you money and much more.

Keep Your Body (and Your Wallet) Healthy

Safety and savings go hand in hand. Staying out of the hospital and avoiding doctor’s bills is healthy for your wallet as well as your body. According to many reports, year after year, the Fourth of July is the most dangerous holiday.

The four riskiest activities during this time are driving, swimming, barbecuing and lighting fireworks. We don’t suggest that you stop doing these things, of course. Just be aware that the chances of things going awry this weekend are greater than normal. Get tips here on how to celebrate safely with fireworks this Fourth of July.

Make the Holiday a Shopping Day

One of the best ways to stay out of trouble this Independence Day is to take advantage of sales and coupons. Instead of engaging in risky behaviors like lighting fireworks and partying, go shopping instead. July is the best time to shop for many specific products.

According to Consumer Reports, back-to-school items, camcorders, interior paint, outdoor home improvement products and summer clothing are the most affordable during this month.

Hit the stores and avoid that hangover. That is, unless you’re a shopaholic. But with all those sales, even your credit card will avoid post-holiday regret.

Develop Your Skills on the Grill

Although barbecue can be statistically dangerous on the nation’s birthday, especially with a gas grill, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. As a matter of fact, it means you should grill more. As they say, practice makes perfect. The more you grill, the safer it becomes. Check out these propane gas grill safety tips from, and enjoy your grill safely.

As you develop your skills on the grill, you’ll also save money by throwing away fewer charred steaks and burgers.

Celebrate with a Party of One

Independence Day is typically celebrated with family and friends and usually includes a lot of eating and drinking. But celebrations don’t always have to include large groups of people. You can spend the long weekend learning that hobby or skill you have been talking about since you made your New Year Resolutions in January. Learning something new is also much less costly than throwing a big party.

Break Away from the Holiday Clichés

One of the best ways to make the most of your Fourth and save money at the same time is to travel abroad. This might sound counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Break away from the holiday clichés by flying to an affordable city in Asia or South America. If you plan ahead and get a good deal on a flight, it can be cheaper than a weekend out in New York.

Expanding your horizons will keep you from falling into tourist traps, and it will also enable you to celebrate with food and drink from around the world for less.