How to Save Money by Grilling the Perfect Steak Every Time

On average, Americans eat 53.9 pounds of beef per year, per person.

That’s more than 18 billion pounds per year nationwide!

And they love steak.

Clearly, Americans love their red meat, whether they get it delivered by FreshDirect, or from their local supermarket.

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), they also love grilling steak: 71% of American grill owners cook steak on their grills.

But grilling the perfect steak can be tricky and expensive. Countless burnt steaks are tossed in the garbage every year. Even at the best prices from the supermarket, approximately $14 per pound for prime grades, that’s a lot of money being thrown away.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who love to grill steaks but find it difficult to cook them right, then this article is for you.

Learn the nine elements of grilling here, and save money on groceries by grilling:

#1. Cut

There are dozens of cuts of steak.

These are the most flavorful and best for grilling: the T-bone, the Porterhouse, the New York Strip, the Ribeye and the Flat Iron.

The best cuts of beef for grilling.

#2. Preparation

Take steaks out of the fridge or freezer until they achieve room temperature, which is normally about 73 degrees. This means they should be out for about 20 to 30 minutes, longer if frozen.

Bring them to room temperature.

#3. Tools

Grilling is an art, and every artist needs tools. To make grilling the perfect steaks easy, every grilling artist should have tongs, a meat thermometer, a serrated steak knife, a spatula, a basting brush and a grill fork. All of these are readily available at stores like IKEA.

Every beef artist needs tools.

#4. Seasoning

Before putting your steaks on the grill, season them with salt and pepper and/or other condiments to taste. Use the basting brush to apply a little oil to each side to prevent sticking.

According to your taste.

#5. Heat

There are two types of heat used in grilling.

Direct heat is an intense heat that comes directly from grill flames. Indirect heat is more subtle and is not directly over the flames.

Use direct and indirect heat for the perfect steak.

Make sure you have an indirect heat zone on your grill where there are no flames in order to utilize both types of heat.

And there are two temperature settings: High heat (450-550 degrees) and medium heat (350-450 degrees).

Adjust your grill accordingly.

Before you cook, prepare your grill by preheating to these temperatures.

#6. Doneness

Doneness has to do with the internal temperature and color of the steak.

Rare steaks are cooked to an internal temperature of 125 degress and are red on the inside. Medium rare is 135 degrees and pinkish red. Medium is 145 degrees and pink. Medium well is 155 degrees and dark pink.It's all about temperature and color.

Most steaks are best when cooked to medium rare or medium, but this is purely a matter of preference.

#7. Time

Grill times are different for each steak’s thickness, cut and desired doneness. Generally, a thicker steak or more doneness require a longer grill time.

Perfect steaks need perfect timing.

#8. Technique

Once your grill is at the right temperature and you know what level of doneness you want, the basic techniques of grilling are easy. First sear the outside of the steak over direct heat, then rotate it 45 degrees, flip it halfway through and if necessary, move it to your indirect heat zone.

Hone your steak skills with

#9. Rest

You might be tempted to serve steaks smoking hot off the grill.


Right off the grill, steaks are very hot and their juices (flavor) are still frenetic.

Let them rest for four to five minutes after coming off the grill to let the flavor settle.

Let the flavor settle down before digging in.

Now that you are familiar with the nine elements of grilling, it’s time to get cooking! Use the guide below in conjunction with the nine elements to grill the perfect steak every time!

Grill times for the 10 most popular grill steaks.

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