There are many ways to humiliate yourself while traveling, most of which stem from some type of ignorance.

Ignorance of local culture (even in the US: Texas for example), language and laws can be embarrassing, dangerous and sometimes even expensive.

This ignorance can affect you when you least expect it.

One of those times is while renting a car.

WHAT!? you might be thinking. How could I POSSIBLY humiliate myself while renting a car?

If you find yourself thinking this, don’t worry. I’m here to count down the three reasons you are not only humiliating yourself while renting a car, but you’re also spending too much money.

#3. You Are a Terrible Driver

“Whaddya mean this ain’t a parking lot!” via Pinterest

If you are saying to yourself right now:

“Not me! I’m a great driver!”

…then you are probably among the worst.

As such, car rentals will be more expensive for you in the long run since you’re the type that doesn’t get insurance for a rental. Good luck paying for those third-party damages without coverage!

The embarrassing part is telling your friends about your trip and that you not only got into an accident, your forgot to get rental insurance.

If you want to be smart and save money on your car rental, then book and pay for your rental with your Visa or Mastercard and you can get free insurance!

#2. You Have No Sense of Direction

“One of these has to be right…” via

Let’s face it, in the era of GPS, smartphones and map apps, humanity has lost its sense of direction. Of course, paper maps have existed for millennia without reducing our skills, but our dependence on digital voice guidance has really hurt our ability to memorize directions. Therefore, if you lose your GPS signal or have some other malfunction, you’re going to get lost.

You might be wondering how getting lost costs money. It’s simple logic:

When you get lost, you have to drive more.

The more you drive, the more fuel you use.

Fuel costs money.

Therefore, getting lost costs money.

Be honest with yourself and always print out the driving directions and have a paper map or other backup plan to save time and money.

#1. You Don’t Actually Know How to Drive (Even Though You Think You Do)

“My wife said driving stick was hard, but it didn’t prepare me for this!”

That’s right.

Chances are if you learned to drive in the US, you don’t REALLY know how to drive. At least, you only know half of it. That’s because as low as 18 percent of Americans know how to drive with a manual transmission (“stick shift” for most of you). That means 82 percent of us DON’T know how. Some don’t even know what a manual transmission is!

While traveling abroad, this ignorance can cost you. My personal experience and data from other travel experts, tells us that you can expect to pay up to 50 percent more for an automatic transmission in places like Europe, Africa and Latin America, where they are not as popular.

So if you want to save money renting cars abroad, take our advice and learn how to drive stick!

Here’s a beginner’s video for you: